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Sunday Schoolhouse - Teacher's Guide
Green Year - Unit C4: New Testament

The Sunday Schoolhouse Series Teacher’s Guides are written to go along with its reproducible Bible Story Lesson books. These Guides provide step-by-step instructions for leading class sessions, with ideas for opening ice-breakers and in-class activities. The Teacher's Guides also include a reproducible Bible Study sheet (with maps, timelines, and discussion questions) for older children or intergenerational groups.

This downloadable PDF version of the Teacher's Guide,  subtitled "Stories from Acts and the Letters" covers Bible stories from Matthew, Acts, 2 Peter and Revelation.  You can purchase the matching electronic PDF  Lesson Book HERE.

Lessons for This Unit:

Lesson 1) Matthew 28:16 - 20 Jesus Sends Out His Disciples - Theme: Evangelism
Lesson 2) Acts 1:1 - 14 Jesus Ascends into Heaven - Theme: Glory 
Lesson 3) Acts 8:9 - 25 Faith Instead of Magic - Theme: Motives
Lesson 4) Acts 17:16 - 34 Paul in Athens - Theme: Instruction
Lesson 5) Acts 27:13 - 28:10 Paul is Shipwrecked - Theme: Deliverance
Lesson 6) 2 Peter 1:1 - 21 Letter from an Eyewitness - Theme: Remembrance
Lesson 7) Revelation 20:11 - 21:4 Judgment Day - Theme: Fulfillment