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Sunday Schoolhouse - Bible Story Lesson Book
Blue Year - Unit A1: Old Testament

This electronic PDF contains reproducible sheets with seven sessions of Bible lessons, pictures, dramas, and worksheets that are found in the identical print version of Sunday Schoolhouse Bible Story Lesson Book, Unit A1 "Stories from the Beginning." It covers Old Testament stories from the first half of the Old Testament, from Genesis through Joshua. 

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Lessons for this Unit:

Lesson 1) Genesis 3:1-21 "Adam and Eve’s Temptation" (Consequences)
Lesson 2) Genesis 11:1-9 "The Tower of Babel" (Pride)
Lesson 3) Genesis 27:1-45 "Jacob Tricks His Father Isaac" (Deception)
Lesson 4) Genesis 40:1-23 "Joseph and the Dreams in Prison" (Explanation)
Lesson 5) Exodus 14:1-31 "The Parting of the Red Sea" (Salvation)
Lesson 6) Exodus 32:1-24 "Commandments and the Golden Calf" (Idolatry)
Lesson 7) Joshua 6:1-21 "Joshua and the Walls of Jericho" (Victory)

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