Hymns and Spiritual Songs from The North

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Hymns and Spiritual Songs from The North
Nordic Christians Sing their Faith

Compiled by Gracia Grindal

The typical Nordic hymn, in the spirit of Martin Luther, is usually a meditation or sermon on a Biblical text which grows out of the text for the Sunday. Sometimes it is long and slow, even mournful, giving singers the possibility of meditating on God's Word in their own context. Less often it is joyful, but it is always filled with longing and hope. We can imagine the grandma, during long dark winters, sitting by the fire, spinning or knitting as she sang stanza after stanza of an old favorite hymn or spiritual song, teaching her grandchildren to sing along with her. When they learned to lisp those words with her, they were learning how Scripture could be used to meet the deepest sorrows and the greatest joys of life.

(Soft cover; 232 pages)

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