Working in Us What is Pleasing to Him

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Working in Us What is Pleasing to HIm

Devotional Reflections on Biblical Characters

by Paul Nordman

God has a vision for us: when Christ returns, we will be like Him. He brings us to this vision-state through a process called transformation. What does this look like? What might we expect on our journey from salvation to glory? How is the Spirit of God changing us into the image of Christ?

Through the lives of twelve Biblical figures -- people just like us -- Working in Us What Is Pleasing to Him guides us through transformation's twists and turns, its welcome progress and even our seeming setbacks along the way. Our predecessors' past illumines our path, for the God who guided them is still working in His people today. Author Paul Nordman employs an accessible, engaging writing style to teach Biblical truths in digestible bites. In these 48 relatable teaching-reflections, you will learn from the experiences of others about the wonder of transformation into the image of Christ.We will be like Him.

Paul Nordman authored his first book, Christ in Me, after retiring from executive leadership in the property-casualty insurance industry. He serves on the advisory board of The Salvation Army Columbus Area Services and is an active volunteer in Kairos Prison Ministry International, Inc. and International Friendships, Inc., a ministry to international students. Paul and his wife, Peggy, live in Columbus, Ohio, as do their son, Matthew, daughter-in-law, Gwen, and grandchildren, Abigail and Micah.

 (Softcover; 165 pages)

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