Sola Lenten Dramas: Pilate's Investigation

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Pilate's Investigation: Who Is This Jesus?
Five-Part Lenten Drama Series

by Marion H. Youngquist

"Behold the man...." (John 19:5)

Pilate's Investigation is a five-part series designed for use during Lent. Each of the dramas feature Pontius Pilate, seeking to learn the identity of the mysterious figure who has been brought to him for judgment. Scripture texts are assigned for each of the dramas, along with notes for the actors. Sample orders of service are also provided for each week. (Two characters per drama.)

1: Pilate & Caiaphas, the High Priest (Themes: authority, paranoia, tyranny; Scriptural Basis: Mark 14:53 - 65)

2. Pilate & Herod Antipas, Ruler of Galilee (Themes: obedience, power, identity; Scriptural Basis: Luke 22:24 - 27)

3. Pilate & Procula, His Wife (Themes: spiritual emptiness, faith, truth; Scriptural Basis: Matthew 27:11 - 23)

4. Pilate & Judas, the Betrayer (Themes: greed, betrayal, conspiracy; Scriptural Basis: John 12:4 - 6, 13:21 - 30)

5. Pilate & Peter, the Weak Disciple (Themes: denial, remorse, belief; Scriptural Basis: Luke 22:54 - 62)