Road to Coronation - Student

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Road to Coronation

A Bible Study on the Passion Narratives
Student Manual by Dr. Harry Wendt

This six-session study paints a vivid portrait of Jesus—a Servant King who welcomed outcasts as family, touched and raised the dead, performed miracles that made astonishing theological statements, and confounded the spiritual authorities of His day. Five days after Jesus entered Jerusalem, the center of religious and political power, His “coronation” took place … on a cross. Vindicated in the resurrection and enthroned in the ascension, Jesus calls us to listen, believe, and follow. This study is ideal for the Season of Lent, but is appropriate year-round as well. 

Like other works written by Dr. Harry Wendt, this study uses graphic illustrations to help students understand and remember important concepts and themes. The text is written with bulletpoint paragraphs to highlight key teachings. Each chapter also includes discussion questions at the end to spark group conversation.

Session 1: "The Royal Background"
Session 2: "Royal Beginnings"
Session 3: "Royalty in Action"
Session 4: "Royalty in the Holy City"
Session 5: "The Royal Coronation in Matthew, Mark, and Luke"
Session 6: "The Royal Coronation in John"

Six units; Soft cover, 8-1/2″ X 11″, 50 pages.

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