Sola Lenten Dramas: Investigation: Good Friday

Item # D-1200
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Investigation: Good Friday

A Five-Part Lenten Drama Series

by Ed and Evelyn Johnson

“And this report about him spread through the whole of Judea and all the surrounding country.” (Luke 7:17 ) 

What would it have been like to be there? When Jesus was arrested and put on trial, then sentenced to death — did the people of Jerusalem know what was happening?  This five-week Lenten Drama, “Investigation: Good Friday,” presents the events of the Passion story as if it were unfolding before us. From the fictional radio station KJRM we hear the news of Jesus’ arrest, crucifixion, and burial through the reports of an investigative news team.

Each week features a multi-character skit, along with a assigned Scripture lessons, suggested hymns for worship, and a brief homily/meditation to go along with the theme, which may be presented by the pastor or a lay leader.

Drama 1: The Arrest of Jesus
Drama 2: The Crucifixion of Jesus
Drama 3: Jesus: King of the Jews
Drama 4: Jesus’ Final Moments
Drama 5: Is There More to His Story? 

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