Lord, Teach Us to Pray

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Lord, Teach Us to Pray

by Kent Groethe and Steve King

Discover the  Joy of Talking to God ...
Lord, Teach Us to Pray is a eight-session curriculum on prayer intended for youth. Based on the themes of the Lord’s Prayer, it uses a Bible Study format, with each lesson including multiple Scripture texts along with the related section of Luther’s Small Catechism. A section entitled “About Prayer” teaches students helpful items about a solid prayer life and a prayer assignment for the coming week. A major goal of this material is to help kids experience prayer, and practice it in a variety of ways.

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Chapter Titles
Session 1:  The God who Listens
Session 2:  Honoring Our Father
Session 3:  Advancing God’s Kingdom
Session 4:  Opposing Wills
Session 5:  The Source of All Good
Session 6:  Forgiven to Forgive
Session 7:  Fighting Temptation
Session 8:  God’s Rescue Mission

Written at an introductory level, this book could be used in the initial years of a larger Confirmation series, or as a “Pre-Confirmation” Sunday School series for Junior High or Middle School youth. (Softcover; 36 pages)

Go HERE for the Leader's Guide to this study.

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