Luther's Small Cat: Learning the Apostles' Creed

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Luther's Small Cat Series: Learning The Apostles' Creed

This booklet teaches the Apostles' Creed according to the pattern of Luther's Small Catechism, and is recommended for the Fourth Grade Level. It uses the traditional version of the Creed found in the Lutheran Book of Worship. Each week focuses on a specific Bible story which illustrates the theme, with additional references from Scripture and Luther's Small Catechism Children's Version. Lessons emphasize a Trinitarian understanding of one God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and focuses on God's over-arching plan of salvation in Christ.

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Lesson 1: Three in One (Story: “Jesus’ Baptism”)
Lesson 2: God Makes Us (Story: “God Created the First Human”)
Lesson 3: God Saves Us (Story: “The Good Shepherd”)
Lesson 4: God Raises Us (Story: “Jesus Rose from the Tomb”)
Lesson 5: God Changes Us (Story: “Peter Trying to Walk on Water”)


About: Luther's Small Cat Series

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Luther's Small Cat Series is an elementary-aged Sunday School curricula focusing on Luther's Small Catechism. Each of these five-session booklets use Scripture stories, puzzles, and questions to explore the meaning of a single part of the Catechism, all with the help of that wise little cat! Printed in every booklet is the appropriate section from Luther's Small Catechism Children's Version for use in study and memory work. The separate Teacher's Guide has reproducible bible story sheets, craft and activity ideas, as well as memory-work handouts.

Titles in the Series (with suggested grade levels*):

Level 1: Learning About Baptism
Level 2: Learning the Lord's Prayer
Level 3: Learning the Ten Commandments
Level 4: Learning the Apostles' Creed
Level 5: Learning About Communion
Level 6: Learning About Confession

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*the materials are flexible enough to be used with higher or lower grades, depending on the capability of students