Small Cat Intro Kit (One of Each)

Item # C-1100
$89.99 / kit

Small Cat Intro Kit

The Small Cat Intro Kit includes a copy of one Student Book and one Teacher's Guide from each level in the entire Luther's Small Cat Series. It also includes a sample Luther's Small Catechism Children's Version, a Booklet of Memory Verses and a Catechism Poster Set, all for the special package price of $85.00 — saving over $10.00 off the cost of the items sold individually. The kit serves as a great way to do an advance review of the entire series, or as a teachers' sample for leaders of all grade levels.

The Intro Kit includes: 6 Lesson Books and corresponding Teacher's Books (with 5 sessions each), 1 Luther's Small Catechism Children's Version, 1 Memory Verse Booklet, and a packet of 7 Posters.