Moses and the Great Escape

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Versatile Budget Series:  "Moses and the Great Escape"

The biblical focus in this five-session VBS book "Moses and the Great Escape" is found in the Old Testament book of Exodus. God has a grand plan for humankind - a plan he enacts through the Hebrew people. He created Moses to be instrumental in this plan.

8.5"x11" Softcover, 40 pages

Overview of Sessions:

Session 1: A Baby in the River - Scripture Basis: Exodus 1 :8 - 22 and 2:1 - 10
Session 2: The Burning Bush - Scripture Basis: Exodus 2 :23 - 3:12
Session 3: Plagues and Passover - Scripture Basis: Exodus Chapters 6-10; 12 :21 - 39
Session 4: Crossing the Red Sea - Scripture Basis: Exodus 14 :5 - 31
Session 5: Ten Commandments - Scripture Basis: Exodus 20 :1 - 21 and 32:1 - 20

Think your church is too small for Vacation Bible School?

Sola’s Versatile Budget Series is a simple and flexible educational Vacation Bible School curriculum designed especially for small churches, house churches, and mission congregations. The flexible format works well for groups with limited budgets, or in situations where the ages and number of students may vary from session to session. Unlike more elaborate and expensive VBS kits, this book is meant to serve as an “all-in-one” teacher’s resource. The worksheets and handouts it contains can be reproduced according to local needs. Each book in the Versatile Budget Series focuses on a particular character from the Bible, bringing together several stories on a common theme. Resources and ideas are provided for gathering time, music, activities, games, and refreshments — allowing just a few adult leaders to host a week of Vacation Bible School.

The price of the book includes permission to reproduce the worksheets and handouts for local use. For smaller churches in a "one-room schoolhouse" setting, only one book is necessary.  For churches with multiple grade levels and individual classes, we suggest that each teacher have a copy of the curriculum book.

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