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Not My Will, But Yours:
A Bible Study on the Bound Will

Sola's "Thinking Like Scripture" Series - Studies in Biblical Theology

by the Rev. Steven E. King

The theme of human bondage is seen throughout Scripture. From the Old Testament examples of people held in slavery whom God came to set free, to the New Testament examples of Jesus healing illnesses and casting out demons, we witness the power of the Lord’s deliverance. Ultimately, all these stories point to the greatest act of God’s redemption: the cross, where Christ rescued us from our captivity to the powers of sin, death, and the devil.

This six-week study explores the topic of the “free will” from a biblical perspective, looking at what Scripture has to say about the bondage of the human will and how Jesus Christ has come to deliver us from ourselves.

Table of Contents
1. How Free Are We? (False Assumptions About Freedom)
2. On Will and Choice (The Relationship Between Desire and Action)
3. The Legacy of Sin (Our Human Inability to Trust in God)
4. The "Free Will" Myth (Evidence of Being Curved in on Ourselves)
5. What We Couldn't Do (Salvation in Jesus Christ Alone)
6. Thy Will Be Done (Faith as the Exercise of God's Will in Us)

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