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Prophecy Fulfilled:
The Prophets and Prophecies Foretelling the Coming of Jesus Christ

by the Rev. Thomas H. Walker

The season of Advent is as much a time of contemplation as it is a time of preparation. It is a time to consider God's long-term plans, and how God has promised that he will intervene in the lives of his people — and in the world itself — on the coming Day of the Lord. This four-week Bible study takes a look at the Old Testament prophecies of our Lord's Advent, and shows how these prophetic words were fulfilled by the coming of Christ over 2000 years ago, and how they also point ahead to the return of Christ in his Second Coming. This study would be perfect for a midweek Advent series or for Sunday morning study sessions during the season of Advent.

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Table of Contents
1. The Day of the Lord (Prophets of the Bible)
2. Prepare the Way (The Prophet Malachi)
3. A Child is Born: (The Prophet Isaiah)
4. In the City of David (The Prophet Micah)
Appendix: Prophecies About the Coming Messiah

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