My Soul Magnifies the Lord - Leader

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My Soul Magnifies the Lord

A Biblical and Historical Study
of Luther's Commentary on the Magnificat

Text and Answer Key (Leader's Guide)
Written by Michael Yagley

It is highly recommended that those who are a part of this study have a copy of the actual text of Martin Luther’s Commentary on the Magnificat.This printed booklet, “My Soul Magnifies the Lord” — Text and Answer Key (L-1225) contains the full text of Luther’s Commentary, broken down into sections to match each chapter in the study book.  It also effectively serves as the leader’s guide for the series.

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Description: In this study — “My Soul Magnifies the Lord: A Biblical and Historical Study of Luther’s Commentary on the Magnificat” — we look at one of the most well-known poetic passages in the New Testament, the song of Mary from Luke, Chapter 1.  As both a biblical and historical study, we will be examine the text of the Magnificat through the lens of Martin Luther’s Commentary, which he wrote for the young Prince John Frederick in 1521 A.D. Here Luther explores the words of Scripture, talking about what is expected of a Christian when engaging the world around us — advice which is still practical and helpful today. 

This twelve-session Bible Study series is written at an intermediate level. It includes more commentary from the author and fewer questions than other Sola Publishing Bible studies. It’s designed to be led by a lay leader or pastor. Participants are encouraged to read the assigned sections of Luther’s Commentary prior to reading the chapter in this study book. The discussion here is meant to help explain Luther’s argument and train of thought.

It also The text of Luther’s commentary may also be downloaded as a free PDF document from the Sola website: