The ABC's of the Gospels

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The ABC's of the Gospels

Following the life of Jesus from A to Z

Book by Pastor Kent Groethe

In the ABC's of the Gospels, Kent Groethe traces the life of Jesus by means of the alphabet. From the Annunciation to the Zenith of the Resurrection, the story of our Lord unfolds, letter by letter. Along with following the life of Jesus, the author communicates how each step of Jesus' life brings marvelous applications to our own faith and understanding of our life with God.  You will not only hear of our Savior's activity in the first century Middle East, but be encouraged to see his activity in our lives today.  The One who came to earth to save the world is the same One who now inhabits all believers. He again is seeking to impact the world and he takes us along the journey.

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(Softcover; 129 pages)

Bible Alive Ministries

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