The Bible's Big Story Timeline - PowerPoint

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The Bible's Big Story

PowerPoint Teaching Graphic Files by Dr. Harry Wendt

The Bible's Big Story: Our Story is a short course that explores the complete timeline of the Bible through biblical illustrations. It provides a succinct overview of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. Written at an introductory level, it can be used with adults or youth -- and even with upper elementary grades!  The series can be used as an introductory course over a few consecutive weeks, or it can be used as the basis for a half-day workshop or retreat.

The PowerPoint graphic slides are meant to be projected to overhead screens or displayed on computer monitors during classroom presentations. The sequence of slides show the symbol pictures from the student books, and give the presenter a step-by-step tutorial outline of the presentation for each graphic in the Tell-Tale Timeline.

This is an electronic download, not a physical product. Customers who purchase this product will immediately be sent a link to download the zipped files directly from Sola Publishing. Be aware, these files are VERY large; it may take some time for the download to be completed.

A NOTE FOR LEADERS: The PowerPoint presentation is meant to be used in conjunction with the other pieces of this series. All Presenters and Group Leaders should have a copy of the "The Biblical Telltale Timeline - Leader's Guide," along with a copy of the "The Bible's Big Story - Student Manual and Timeline." For display in the classroom, there is also a large Wall Chart banner version of the Timeline available as well.

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