The Bible's Big Story: Our Story - Student Manual

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The Bible's Big Story: Our Story

Student Manual and Timeline by Dr. Harry Wendt

The Bible's Big Story: Our Story is a short course that explores the complete timeline of the Bible through biblical illustrations. It provides a succinct overview of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation. Written at an introductory level, it can be used with adults or youth -- and even with upper elementary grades!  The series can be used as an introductory course over a few consecutive weeks, or it can be used as the basis for a half-day workshop or retreat.

Included with the Student Manual is a glossy fold-out of the full Biblical Timeline that opens to 36 inches long!


Main Chapters: The main chapters of this study focus on the timeline itself, as it moves forward to the coming of the Servant King Jesus. Like other works written by Dr. Harry Wendt, these chapters use graphic illustrations to help students understand and remember important concepts and themes. The text is written with bulletpoint paragraphs to highlight key teachings.

Chapter 1: Introduction: The Timeline Codes
Chapter 2: The Time-line in Detail
Chapter 3: Human Kingdoms -- God's Kingdom
Chapter 4: Understanding the Bible's Key Themes

Bonus Chapters: The bonus chapters of this series dig deeper into the history of the Middle East, showing Israel's place among the other world empires and focusing on the timline of King David's life. These chapters provide a closer look into the historical foundations of our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Chapter 5: Kingdoms Come and Go
Chapter 6: From Saul to Josiah
Chapter 7: David According to 1 & 2 Chronicles

Related to the "The Bible's Big Story" Student Book and Timeline is the Leader's Guide for the series, entitled  "The Biblical Tell-Tale Timeline - Leader's Guide." In the DVD "The Bible for Busy People" Harry Wendt explains the timeline.There is also an accompanying PowerPoint presentation that leads participants through each graphic in the timeline.