The Bible for Busy People - DVD

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The Bible for Busy People

A Panoramic Veiw of Testaments Old and New

Video DVD by Dr. Harry Wendt

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People often read bits and pieces of the Bible, but seldom have time to put the whole story together and see the "big picture." This dynamic DVD leads you on a journey through the entire sweep of the biblical narrative, relating it to both history and our lives today.

Use this DVD to assist you in teaching or preparing to teach your class.  In this video, the Rev. Dr. Harry Wendt covers the "Snapshot of the Bible" as well as the full Biblical "Tell-Tale Time-Line." The DVD is perfect for those who would rather facilitate than teach. It is also suitable for training small group leaders to lead the study on their own.

A printed copy of the Biblical Tell-Tale Timeline comes as a bonus inside each DVD case.

Contents of the Video:

1) Introduction: the History of Crossways International (5 minutes)
2) An Overview: A Snapshot of the Bible (14 minutes)
3) The Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line (41 minutes)
4) Relevance for Today's Life (17 minutes)
5) Unraveling Jesus' Story (10 minutes)
6) The Bible: Questions and Answers (21 minutes)
+  Additional Special Features

Related to this product are the Bible's Big Story - Student Manual, the Biblical Tell-Tale Time-Line - Leader's Guide. There is also a large Wall Chart banner version of the Timeline available, as well as a PowerPoint presentation that leads participants through each graphic of the time-line.

Publisher's Note: Since the educational materials of Dr. Harry Wendt came into the stewardship of Sola Publishing in 2020 as the exclusive distributor of Crossways resources, some of the contact information given in this video regarding the former Crossways International organization is no longer up to date. While the teaching content in this video remains valuable and accurate, the DVD itself is somewhat dated. This is why Sola Publishing is offering this DVD at a 40% off clearance price. Our intention is to record new presentations of Harry Wendt's timelines, to be made available on the internet sometime in the near future.

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