The Church Emergency Handbook

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The Church Emergency Handbook

All-Hazards Emergency Management for House of Worship

by Dan Schaefer

Floods, fires, vandalism, cyber attacks, medical emergencies and active shooters--Churches in America face a variety of threats and dangers. This handbook will assist concerned clergy and church members in recognizing, mitigating, preparing for, responding to, and recovering from these and other disasters they may experience. Drawing on his law enforcement and emergency management background as well as information from experts in the field, the author takes the reader through the basics of emergency management and planning and applies those principles to likely hazards and emergencies. This manual applies sound emergency management practices to the needs of all houses of worship of every size and faith. The updated 2nd Edition has additional information on how churches can protect their members from the global coronavirus pandemic, while still provideing worship and services to the community.

 (Softcover; 88 pages)

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