Winning, Losing, Loving: The Gospel in the Old Testament

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Winning, Losing, Loving: The Gospel in the Old Testament

by Kent Groethe

Pastor Kent Groethe has written this overview of Old Testament Scripture, tracing themes of chosenness, sin, and grace throughout the early books of the Bible. These cycles of sin and redemption point toward God's ultimate act of redemption in Jesus Christ. A close reading of the Old Testament dispels the notion that it is dominated by God's judgement and retribution. Instead we find that although human sin and rebellion is neverending, God's great love for sinners is the centerpiece of the narrative. God's grace dominates the Old Testament story, and we are amazed to find the passionate, relentless love that God lavishes upon those who too often reject Him. That all becomes more personal when we realize that while our sin is equally serious we find ourselves the target of the same marvelous grace.


Cycle 1: Genesis
Cycle 2: Exodus-Leviticus
Cycle 3: Numbers-Deuteronomy
Cycle 4: Joshua-Judges-Ruth
Cycle 5: 1 Samuel-Esther

(Softcover; 128 pages)


This book can be read as a stand-alone piece by individual readers, but it is also used by Pastor Groethe as the first part of his through-the-Bible seminar series that he leads in congregations. Those who are interested in hearing more about these seminars, call Pastor Groethe at: 218-731-5215.