A Faith to Suit You Well

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A Faith to Suit You Well

What It Is, How It Happens

by Dr. Frederick W. Baltz

Faith stands at the very foundation of the Christian religion. The New Testament says God saves sinners by means of their faith. Jesus said faith like a mustard seed can move a mountain. Countless Christians have said their faith helped them survive the most difficult losses. But others say faith is mindless, groundless, and even dangerous.

This book explores biblical faith. First it examines what real believing is. Then it focuses on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What is this Gospel? There are lots of answers; just one of them is right. The Gospel is really a set of truth claims about what Jesus did to bring salvation to the world, truth claims that are to be received by faith. All these essential truth claims of the Gospel are discussed in this book.

And what of evidence? Is there evidence for the things Christians believe about Jesus? What of important voices from the past with their attitudes for and against biblical faith? They have influenced what people think about faith today. We must be aware of that. Also included are stories of people from different times, places, and situations who came to faith in Jesus. They further illustrate the mysterious and wonderful nature of the Christian faith, a faith to suit you well.

(Softcover; 201 pages)

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