Reviving the Aging Church

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Reviving the Aging Church

A Practical Guide by the Rev. Bradley Hales

Nothing is going to stop the massive aging which is beginning to engulf the world, the nation and the church. But here is the most important question of all: “What will be our response?” We need to look at aging ministry as a significant part of congregational renewal, and a pathway to rejuvenating a church’s local mission. Using the very thing to enhance the congregation that many perceive to be the reason for its decline may seem unorthodox. But this is the paradigm that the Holy Spirit is literally providing many of our parishes to re-ignite passion for Jesus. Aging is not the church’s enemy, but the catalyst for its revival.

As many congregations age, the opportunity is there to use the assets of senior adults to renew and revive the local congregation through discipleship, outreach and evangelism. In a religious culture steeped in the direction of exclusively reaching out to young families and children, what if reaching out to mature adults could ignite the flame of mission in a congregation and contribute to the harvest of souls? Considering an older adult ministry could be the key to an “out of the box” approach to healthy ministry that is within the grasp of any congregation.

Click HERE for a preview of Chapter 1.   The author has also put together a 4-session PowerPoint Outline, for those who may find it helpful in using this book to lead a short study series in their congregation.

softcover book, 44 pages

About the Author: The Rev. Brad Hales has pastored churches in Maryland, Upstate New York and Virginia. He is also the Director of Renewal Ministries for the North American Lutheran Church. Hales is a frequent speaker and workshop presenter in the areas of aging, evangelism and congregational revitalization.

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