Acts (Old Places, New Faces)

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Twelve studies that make Bible stories come alive for today's Christian.


by Kent Groethe

Pastor Groethe's study of the Book of Acts focuses on the life of the early church as a model for church life today. The message and power of the church today needs to be revitalized and renewed by the power of God's Spirit, just as it was in the early church.

Acts: List of sessions

1. Living with the Jesus (The Manger and the Upper Room)
2. Living for God's Kingdom (Mount of Olives)
3. Living with Sharing (Jerusalem)
4. Living with Sin (At the Feet of the Apostles)
5. Living with a Commission (The Desert Road)
6. Living with Repentance (Road to Damascus)
7. Living with Disagreements (Antioch)
8. Living with Christ's Righteousness (Antioch to Jerusalem)
9. Living with Respect (Athens)
10. Living with Purpose (Miletus)
11. Jesus Living Through Us (Paul’s Body)
12. Living with Anchors (The Tumultuous Sea)

(Softcover; 118 pages)

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