The Minor Prophets (Old Places, New Faces)

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Twelve studies that make Bible stories come alive for today's Christian

The Minor Prophets

by Kent Groethe

This book is a twelve lesson study that peeks into each of the dozen books we call the minor prophets, books that are often forgotten or neglected. Yet their messages are deeply relevant for today's believer. These prophetic books contain God's call to His followers of every century. These exhortations are either calls to positive actions that honor God or warnings to stop attitudes and behaviors that dishonor Him. As we rediscover these profound words, we will be reminded of what it means to follow and obey God, and we will be challenged to live a life that glorifies God in greater and more significant ways.

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The Minor Prophets: List of sessions

1.  Hosea: The Call to Faithfulness
2.  Joel: A Call to Repentance
3.  Amos: The Call for Justice
4.  Obadiah: The Call to Love Your Brothers and Sisters
5.  Jonah: The Call to Love Our Enemies
6.  Micah: The Call to Court
7.  Nahum: The Call to Leave Judgement in God's Hands
8.  Habakkuk: The Call for Patience
9.  Zephaniah: The Call for Change Amid Judgement
10. Haggai: A Call to Godly Priorities
11. Zechariah: The Call to Wait for the Messiah
12. Malachi: The Call to Depend on God's Grace

(Soft cover; 98 pages)

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