Genesis (Old Places, New Faces)

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Old Places, New Places

Twelve new studies that make Bible stories come alive for today's Christian.


by Kent Groethe

Places have to do with geography. In the Bible we find God's people in many different places, both physically and spiritually, with regards to their relationship to their Creator and Savior. Like them, we journey through many lands in our Christian walk. We move from chaos to order, from Ur to Canaan, and from obedience to disobedience. As we become more acquainted with our spiritual geography, we will better discern where God would have us go or what changes we need to make in order to serve Him better.

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Genesis: List of Sessions (Location)

1. Living With Chaos (The Uncreated World)
2. Living With The Father (The Garden Of Eden)
3. Living With Sin (East Of Eden)
4. Living With Brothers And Sisters (Nowhere In Particular)
5. Living With Grace (The Ark)
6. Living With Sea-Sickness (Mount Ararat)
7. Living With Gods (Tower Of Babel)
8. Living With A Call (Ur)
9. Living With A Covenant (Hebron)
10. Living With Threats (Foreign Lands)
11. Living With A Real God (Bethel and Peniel)
12. Living With Bad Circumstances (Egypt)

(Soft cover; 109 pages)