Revelation (Trust the Architect of the Future)

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Twelve studies that make Bible stories come alive for today's Christian.


by Kent Groethe

The twelve-part study in this volume of the Old Places, New Faces Series bypasses the speculations of Revelation and seeks to identify and announce the great truths it contains for all people of all times: the serious consequences of humanity's sin, the destructive work of the evil one, the hope for believers who suffer persecution, and the amazing life Christians will experience after death.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. The Son of Man
3. Worship
4. The Seven Letters
5. The Sevens
6. Persecution and Martyrdom
7. The Dragon, the Woman and the Child
8. Nightmares
9. White Robes
10. Backstage Tour
11. Paradise
12. Conclusion

(Soft cover, 96 pages)

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