Exodus (Old Places, New Faces)

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Twelve new studies that make Bible stories come alive for today's Christian.


by Kent Groethe

Exodus is an adult Bible study that seeks to make the stories and places of the Bible a reality in our lives today. It seeks to get at the relevant messages for today as found in the pages of the Scriptures. This study relates to the Bible as a book that speaks clearly about present realities through stories about the past. Old places from within the Bible can come alive with present significance to new faces, that is, us.

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Exodus: List of sessions (Location)

1. Living with Suffering (Goshen)
2. Living with Baptism and Faith (The Nile)
3. Living with a Commission (The Burning Bush)
4. Living with a Lamb (A Doorpost)
5. Living with Worship (Across the Sea)
6. Living with Commandments (The Top of the Mountain)
7. Living with Special Gifts (The Unfinished Tabernacle)
8. Living with Prayer (The Tent of Meeting)
9. Living with the Power of Prayer (In the Cloud)
10. Living with Grumbling and Greed (The Desert of Sin)
11. Living with Thanks (Succoth)
12. Living with 3 Keys to Christian Life (The Water, the Mountain, and the Journey)

(Soft cover; 96 pages)

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