Joshua, Judges, & Ruth (Old Places, New Faces)

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Twelve studies that make Bible stories come alive for today's Christian

Joshua, Judges, & Ruth: "Old Places, New Faces" Series

by Kent Groethe

The geographical locations of Biblical characters can symbolically refer to places we find ourselves with respect to our faith. The Bible is not only intended to give the reader knowledge about events and people in the past, but through these events and people, to inspire greater faith.

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Joshua, Judges, & Ruth - List of Sessions

 1. Introduction to Joshua, Judges, & Ruth
 2. Across the Jordan: Living with Hope for the Future
 3. Jericho: Living with the Great Wall
 4. Shechem: Living with Vows Renewed
 5. The Rock Pile: Living with Memorials of God's Love and Power
 6. Canaan: Living with Sin
 7. Gideon (Part 1): Living with Gifts
 8. Gideon (Part 2): Living with Justice
 9. Samson: Living with Threats
10. Bethlehem: Three Love Stories
11. The Wheat Field: Living with the Poor
12. Conclusion: Living with Conquests

(Soft cover; 110 pages)