Come, Lord Jesus: A Study of Revelation

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Come, Lord Jesus:
A Study of Revelation - New Edition

by Mark Braaten

The Book of Revelation is at once familiar and strange, full of fearsome warning and beautiful promise. It is a letter, a prophecy, an apocalypse, and a spiral of visions, an example of ancient literature no longer written. How can Christians today understand the book of Revelation and its meaning and implications for our lives?

Mark Braaten, a pastor and scholar who has spent years studying and teaching Revelation, began this book when his father asked him for a good introduction to the difficult text. Not wanting to hand his dad a complicated theological textbook or a popularized book that might misread or misapply the message of Revelation, Braaten set out to write his own guide.

Come, Lord Jesus is Braaten's response to his father's request, and it answers the many questions that arise when modern readers enter this ancient text. In this book readers will come to understand the first-century context in which Revelation was written, and readers will join the holy choir in looking forward to the fulfillment of God's plan, offering our own invitation: "Come, Lord Jesus."

(Softcover; 192 pages)

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