Faith Appetizers: A Sample Platter of Biblical Christianity

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Faith Appetizers: A Sampler Platter of Biblical Christianity

by Chris Brekke

Not everyone likes breadsticks. They are fine for appetizers, but it's nice to have some selection. Add in some onion rings, BBQ wings, cheese curds, veggies...then you've got something! This book is a sampler platter of Biblical Christianity. With an assortment of styles and topics, offering both a challenge and a chuckle, it intends to awaken your days with faith. These 286 devotions are arranged from Genesis to Revelation. Like the good God behind our good book, they will work both the mind and heart, sometimes comforting the afflicted and sometimes afflicting the comfortable. Open up and taste one; then pass 'em around.

(Softcover; 296 pages)

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