Journey Through the Bible (Leader's Guide)

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Journey Through the Bible (Leader's Guide)

by Tony Stoutenburg

This twenty-session curriculum series is intended as a video study guide for watching the made-for-television miniseries, "The Bible" -- a ten-part video available on DVD and Blueray. (Note: For those who do not have access to “The Bible” Miniseries, it is certainly possible to substitute other videos or clips to tell the same stories. The classroom portion of this book also can be used as a stand-alone 10-session study.)

Alternating between classroom discussion and video viewing sessions, the goal of this unit is to visually expose students to the stories of the full Biblical narrative across the Old and New Testaments. The curriculum is aimed at the middle-school age level for use as an introductory pre-confirmation Bible overview or as a year-long Confirmation unit. (Click HERE to purchase the student book.)

1) Class: Introduction to the Bible
2) Video: "Beginnings"
3) Class: Creation and Fall
4) Video: "Exodus"
5) Class: On the Road
6) Video: "Homeland"
7) Class: Unity and Division
8) Video: "Kingdom"
9) Video: "Survival"
10) Class: Unfailing Love
11) Video: "Hope"
12) Class: Jesus' Ministry
13) Video: "Mission"
14) Class: Divine Care
15) Video: "Betrayal"
16) Class: Trial and Death
17) Video: "Passion"
18) Class: New Life
19) Video: "Courage"
20) Class: Revelation

This curriculum was written for use with “The Bible” Miniseries, produced by Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, which appeared on The History Channel in March 2013. This 10-part video series is available for purchase on DVD and Blueray.™ Sola's booklet is comprised of original material, only making content reference to the film series as a means of locating segments. (Tony Stoutenburg and Sola Publishing have no commercial or editorial relationship with the producers of the miniseries.)