Saints and Sinners Vol. 2 (Participant)

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Saints and Sinners

Volume 2: Strugglers with the Faith

A Seven-Session Bible Study on New Testament Characters

By Dr. Dan Lioy, PhD

All those who believe and trust in Jesus as their Savior are both saints and sinners. The same was true of the people in Holy Scripture.

By virtue of our baptism into Christ, we are made holy by his saving grace. This is not something we do on our own, but something that is imputed to us by Jesus. At the same time, we are plagued by that age-old sin that makes us want to be in control of our own lives. As those who are called by God to follow Jesus in obedient discipleship, we, like many before us, have been called to be witness to God's saving grace in Jesus Christ. May your study of God's saints and sinners enrich your understanding of your life with Christ and encourage you in discipleship.

This study is the second in a series of Saints and Sinners from the New Testament, focusing on those who struggled with faith and the witness of Christ. It looks at a number of people from the time of Jesus' ministry and Passion. While it can be used at any time of the year, it might be particularly appropriate to the Season of Lent.

1. Mary and Martha: A Story of Devotion (Luke 10:38-42; John 12:1-8, Psalm 118:19-29)
2. James and John: A Story of Service (Matthew 20:17-28, Psalm 56)
3. Judas: A Story of Trust (Matthew 26:14-50; 27:1-5, Psalm 119:1-16)
4. Pontius Pilate: A Story of Truth (John 18:31-38, 19:1-16, Psalm 142)
5. Thomas: A Story of Doubt and Faith (John 20:19-29, Psalm 77)
6. Philip and Simon: A Story of Motives (Acts 8:4-25, Psalm 24)
7. Stephen: A Story of Grace and Boldness (Acts 6:1-7:60, Psalm 23)

Unique Format:
A Pattern of Daily Scripture Readings and Weekly Group Discussion

Studies in this series is formatted for  each person in a group to spend time alone with God in the Word for five days and then gather with the group for a time of sharing and debriefing. The booklet can be used by each member of the group as a daily devotion, with a Bible study on the sixth or seventh day, when the larger group gathers.

Go HERE for the Leader's Guide to this study.