Lost and Found - Participant

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Lost and Found - Lost in Ourselves and Found in Christ

by As We Go Ministries, Inc

Christians often think or speak of "the lost" as those who do not know or believe in God. The Bible, however, shows how easy it is for all people, believers or not, to get lost from God by getting caught up in ourselves and our own agendas.

Martin Luther, following St. Augustine, described the sinner as incurvatus in se, as "curved in on oneself." Looking to ourselves for righteousness or spiritual peace will lead us only into pride or despair. It takes the external word of the Gospel to draw us into a saving relationship with God in Christ.

This Participant's Book requires the Video DVD and Leader's Guide for the series.

Table of Contents

1. The Wanderers
2. The Connivers
3. The Comfortable
4. The Unworthy
5. The Ungrateful
6. The Demanding
7. The Prideful

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