The Seven Marks of the Church - Leader

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The Seven Marks of the Church

by As We Go Ministries, Inc

In everyday speech, we use the word "Church" in many different ways. For example, we may use this word to refer to a building, a worship service, congregation, and even a Christian denomination. But, biblically speaking, the Church refers to the fellowship of believers in Christ -- throughout the world and throughout history.

How do we recognize the true Church?  In 1539, Martin Luther wrote on this subject in his treatise “On the Councils and the Church,” in which he discussed at length why the church could not be reformed by councils led by the pope and other leaders of the medieval church. In Part 3 of the document, Luther introduced what he called the “Seven Marks of the Christian Church” and described how to know if the church is actually authentic and present in a community. [This document can be found in its entirety in Luther’s Works, Volume 41, “Church and Ministry III” as well as various places online.]

This study takes its title from that summary. It looks at the seven basic things that consistute the Christian Church, locally and across the world.

This Leader's Guide goes along with the Video DVD and Participant's Book for the series.

Table of Contents

1. The Word
2. The Sacrament of Holy Baptism
3. TheSacrament of Holy Communion
4. The Office of the Keys
5. The Office of Public Ministry
6. Corporate Worship
7. The Holy Posession of the Cross


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