My Zoe Journal (Girl's Journal)

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My Zoe Journal:
A Girl's Journal of Self-Discovery

by Rev. Dr. Amy Little

How many of us wish that when we were young, we would have been encouraged to think about our lives -- what we looked forward to, what we had to offer, and most importantly, who we are as a child of God. How can we do this for one another?

Zoe has come to be a familiar girl's name. It comes from the Greek word for "life." This journal is called a "Zoe Journal" because it is intended to help teenage girls discover themselves by experiencing real life in Jesus Christ.

Our prayer is that this journal will open the hearts of young ladies in faith, that they would be filled with the love of Christ. We hope that through these pages, girls might come to discover their gifts, abilities, and growth areas, and come to understand that our most basic identity comes from the One who loves us the most.

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