The Formula of Concord (Leader's Guide)

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A Reading and Discussion Study of Formula of Concord

Leader's Guide - written by Rev. Dr. John B. King

Book of Concord Series

The Formula of Concord was written in 1577 to settle the theological disputes that had arisen after Luther’s death in 1546. While Luther lived, he had the stature to settle theological disputes personally. However, after his death, the leadership of the Lutheran movement devolved as theological disputes arose and then hardened into theological divisions. To solve these problems, the Formula of Concord did three things. It defined the documents that constitute the confessional basis of Lutheran theology. It set forth the method of judging controversies on the basis of Scripture interpreted through the confessions. Finally, it applied this method to resolve twelve theological disputes, seeking concord.

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Note: This series can be used with any version of the Book of Concord, but is recommended for use with:"Concordia, The Lutheran Confessions - A Reader's Edition of the Book of Concord" (© 2005, 2006 - Concordia Publishing House, Paul T. McCain, Editor), and features page references for use with this version. You may visit the Concordia Publishing website here.