What's in Your Bag? (Outcome-Based Youth Ministry)

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What's in Your Bag?

by Gary and Laurie Pecuch

Outcome-Based Youth Ministry asks the question, “What aspects of faith do you want to build into youth during their time as members of our congregation?”  Said another way, “What faith skills do our young people need to acquire in order to be prepared for a life of service and devotion to our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ?”

When David brought down Goliath, he did so with the full confidence of his faith in God and a skill he had developed over time. In his bag, he had what he knew how to use...a stone and a sling. With nothing more, God positioned and placed David at the right place and time, because David had both the faith and the skill necessary to take on the giant.

"Outcome-Based Youth Ministry" is a list of Faith Skills that we are prepared to build into young people. These Faith Skills will equip youth with the necessary tools to live out their personal calling in life. Our intention is to partner with parents in the development of a personal ministry plan designed specifically for each young person. Learn how to make this happen in your congregation!

(Softcover; 222 pages)