A Lamp Unto My Feet (Student Book)

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A Lamp Unto My Feet:
An Introduction to the Old & New Testaments

by Kent Groethe

This twenty-four lesson curriculum (twelve Old Testament and twelve New Testament) is a marvelous introduction to the scriptures for those who have little background in the Bible. Object lessons help students come to understand the power and purpose of God's Word in Christian life and participants learn to underline key passages. Each lesson has a Bible Study from a different section of Scripture as well as an "About the Bible" section that teaches participants about the structure and organization of the Bible. Each lesson also has an activity page. 

This Bible overview would serve as an excellent way to prepare students for catechism instruction with the Sola Confirmation Series, or as the first year of an earlier/longer Bible & Catechism program. Click SAMPLE to see the Table of Contents and a sample chapter.

Free Download: A Lamp to My Feet - Extra Activity Pages (pdf)
classroom worksheets that can be used along with the series

Table of Contents:

Old Testament
Lesson 1: A Special World (Genesis 1:1-2:4)
Lesson 2: The Great Fall (Genesis 2:4-3:24)
Lesson 3: Three Love Stories (Ruth 1; 3:1-3; 4:9-22)
Lesson 4: Cries From The Soul (Psalms 1:23; 51:1-12, 143, 148)
Lesson 5: A Lamp Unto My Feet (Psalms 119:1-112)
Lesson 6: Wise Guys (Proverbs 1: 1-7, 17-18)
Lesson 7: Bad News (Job)
Lesson 8: Talking With God (Daniel)
Lesson 9: Bad Guys (Jonah)
Lesson 10: Dire Consequences (Nahum)
Lesson 11: Godly Priorities (Haggai)
Lesson 12: OT Review (Memorize the books of the OT)

New Testament
Lesson 13: Encountering Jesus (Luke 1:26-38)
Lesson 14: Good Sermon (Matthew 5-7)
Lesson 15: Last Words (John 13:1-15:17)
Lesson 16: From Death To Life (Mark 14:32-16:20)
Lesson 17: Sitting With Christ (Ephesians 1-3)
Lesson 18: Walking In Love (Ephesians 4-6:9)
Lesson 19: Standing Firm (Ephesians 6:10-20)
Lesson 20: Service With A Smile (Philippians)
Lesson 21: The Real Jesus (Colossians)
Lesson 22: Loved To Love (1 John 3:1-5:12)
Lesson 23: The End (Revelation 21-22)
Lesson 24: NT Review (Memorize the books of the NT)

(Softcover; 68 pages)