Respect: Ten Commandments (Student)

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Respect: A Fresh Look at the Ten Commandments

Student Book

by Kent Groethe

This curriculum provides a new, honest look at the Ten Commandments, teaching students what the Commandments accomplish and helping them understand the deeper meanings of each of the Ten Commandments. Object lessons help students see that respect for God and for others is at the heart of the Ten Commandments, and make them more aware of their sin and moral failure so that they can better appreciate the grace God offers in Jesus Christ.

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This book could be used as part of a larger Confirmation series, or as a "pre-confirmation" Sunday School series for Junior High and Middle School youth.


The 1st Commandment: Respecting One God
The 2nd Commandment: Respecting God’s Name
The 3rd Commandment: Respecting God’s Word
The 4th Commandment: Respecting Authority
The 5th Commandment: Respecting Human Life.
The 6th Commandment: Respecting Sexual Boundaries
The 7th Commandment: Respecting the Property of Others
The 8th Commandment: Respecting the Reputations of Others
The 9th and 10th Commandments: Respecting Our Desires

(Softcover; 64 pages)