The Art of Teaching Adults

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The Art of Teaching Adults

Leading Meaningful Bible Classes

by Laura Langhoff Arndt

Though it may not always seem that way, adults want to learn more about God, His Word, and their faith. They do! The problem is that they aren't required to do so. In order for them to show up they have to want it. There are 5 reasons adults choose to learn something new. The most important one is that they need to believe that what they're being taught is relevant and connects to their lives in some way. Humans are selfish. We want to know how the information is going to help us.

After not attending Bible class for years, adults have developed a lot of misunderstandings and questions about God and His word and many do not fit with the teachings of the Bible, especially with all the inaccurate information floating around the internet. They have created their own definition of Christianity without reading the Bible. Not to mention that for many of them it’s been 20-50 years since their Confirmation and they haven’t continued studying or even reading God's word.

There are 5 stages of faith education: Narrative, Knowledge, Understanding, Reason, and Wisdom. This book is about the Wisdom Stage, which is adulthood. It's the stage where people are using a fully developed brain and a facilitator can introduce and use BIBLE INQUIRY, a way of teaching that is contrary to sitting and listening. It's engaging, probing, investigating, discussing, and discovering. This book shows how to take typical adult Bible studies and present them in the format of Bible Inquiry.

(paperback, 45 pages)

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