The Art of Teaching Confirmation - Resources

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The Art of Teaching Confirmation

Resources - Leader's Guide

by Laura Langhoff Arndt

This LEADER'S GUIDE is a companion to The Art of Teaching Confirmation. Not only are there abridged sections on Giving/Taking Notes, Holding Students Accountable, and planning, but there are graphic organizer note forms, easy-to-use Warm-Ups, lesson activities for each of the 6 Chief Parts, Cool-Downs, and final project ideas. This is not a curriculum, but a book of resources to get kids thinking about what they're learning. Choose what you want to use in the time frame you want to use it. Listen to the suggestions or go your own way. Always remember that where middle school students are concerned: INTERESTING + MEANINGFUL = EFFECTIVE.

Based on ideas from the core book, all the learning activities in this resource book, from the warm-ups, notes, supplemental activities, and cool-downs are designed for each teacher to get their students thinking about what they believe and why they believe it. The book includes helpful information pastors or other educators can use to prepare parents, helpful administrative tools, and other tips as well as answers for each learning activity. It’s a bound 8.5”x11” format so everything is in one place.

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a) For the Parents
b) For the Pastor/Teacher
c) Description of Resources
d) Intro and Bible
e) Ten Commandments
f) Apostles' Creed
g) Lord's Prayer
h) Baptism
i) Confession
j) Lord's Supper
k) End of Year Projects
l) Appendix

(paperback 8.5" x 11", 258 pages)

Go HERE for the accompanying Downloadable/Reproducible Student Pages

About the Author: Laura Langhoff Arndt is an author and teacher of the faith with an MA in classroom instruction and Director of Christian Education certification in the LCMS. She is founder of the blog Carpenter’s Ministry Toolbox.