The Art of Teaching the Faith (book)

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The Art of Teaching the Faith

Preschool through High School

(Softcover Printed Edition)

by Laura Langhoff Arndt

This book is for everyone! Whether you teach the faith at home or in a church Sunday school, whether you're a church professional or volunteer. We want to educate our people to the best of our ability, but first, we need to know how they learn best at each stage of life.

This book takes current educational research and easily applies it to teaching the faith for students from preschool through adult. How do preschool children learn best? How do you get the middle schoolers engaged? What's the best way to have an effective adult Bible study? What's Bible Inquiry and how do you introduce it? This book gives information and encouragement for each stage of teaching the faith to young people: Narrative (Preschool through 2nd grade), Knowledge (3rd through 5th grades), Understanding (6th through 8th grades), Reason (9th through 12th grades). Whether you teach five-year-olds, elementary student, or teenagers, this book is what you've been hoping for. It will give you confidence that whatever curriculum you have; you can use it to its fullest. It is time to set aside the dry read-a-story-and-paste-paper-together lesson and the-answer-couldn't-be-more-obvious questions and begin something that will be meaningful to each person at every grade level, from preschool through adult.

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(Softecover 117 pages)