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Vacation Bible School

Designed as an inexpensive all-in-one teachers’ resource for VBS, Sunday School, or weekly kids night program, the flexible format of these resources is appropriate for all elementary ages. Based around famous biblical characters, the stories show how God has sustained his people of faith — men and women — throughout the ages. The Versatile Budget Series can be used to produce a five-session series, complete with ideas for opening worship, classtime, music, recreation, and refreshments, with worksheets aimed at three different elementary-age groups. (The book price includes permission to reproduce the worksheets and handouts for local use.) 

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Brave Queen Esther V-0910
Versatile Budget Series: "Brave Queen Esther" This book focuses on the story of a young Jewish girl named Esther, who was raised by her older cousin Mordecai after the death of her parents. Set in a time when people of faith were suspect in the eyes of t
$13.99 / each
David: Hero of God V-1010
Versatile Budget Series: "David: Hero of God" This five session VBS series features one of the most famous people in Scripture. The Books of 1 and 2 Samuel tell the story of a young Israelite shepherd named David, who was chosen by God to be king. The bib
$13.99 / each
Rebekah and Her Family V-1110
Versatile Budget Series: "Rebekah and Her Family" The biblical focus in this five session VBS series “Rebekah & Her Family” comes from the Book of Genesis. God's hand is seen at work throughout the story — from Rebekah’s being chos
$13.99 / each
The Adventures of Paul V-1210
Versatile Budget Series:  "The Adventures of Paul" The biblical focus in this five-session VBS book is on the life of the Apostle Paul, with lessons from the Book of Acts. Here Scripture tells the story of serious man named Saul, who worked to silence Chr
$13.99 / each
Mary, Martha & Many Faithful Women V-1310
Versatile Budget Series:  "Mary, Martha & Many Faithful Women" The biblical focus in this five-session VBS book is "Mary and Martha: Friends of Jesus" found in the gospels. Through the eyes of sisters, Mary and Martha, we get a look at the ministry of Jes
$13.99 / each
Moses and the Great Escape V-1410
Versatile Budget Series:  "Moses and the Great Escape" The biblical focus in this five-session VBS book "Moses and the Great Escape" is found in the Old Testament book of Exodus. God has a grand plan for humankind - a plan he enacts through the Hebrew peo
$13.99 / each
VBS Attendance Posters & Stickers V-5000
Full-Color Attendance Posters Five Class Posters & Five Sticker Sheets These glossy full-color 11"x 17" posters with the title "Welcome to VBS!" are designed for use in recording attendance for Vacation Bible School.  Five posters are included in each set
$6.99 / each