Superior Justice: A Lake Superior Mystery

Item # F-H110
$10.99 / each

Superior Justice: A Lake Superior Mystery

by Tom Hilpert

The first in the Superior Justice series of mysteries features the character of Jonah Borden as a not-so-typical Lutheran Pastor, who also happens to investigate local mysteries. Bordan is a tough-guy, thinks-he's funny, rock-music-playing, gourmet-cooking, painfully-moderate-drinking, hard-boiled man of the cloth. He is even available for a bit of a romance under the right circumstances.

Doug Norstad, a member of Jonah Borden's church, is arrested for a vigilante killing. Norstad shared his true alibi with Borden, under the privileged status of religious confession. Knowing now that the man is innocent, Borden must prove it somehow without divulging his secret. Along the way he uncovers a twisted series of murders and coverups. Before it is all over, Borden himself has been bribed, beaten, shot, and arrested for murder. Even worse, he may be falling in love.

Set in the midst of the striking beauty of Minnesota's Lake Superior coastline, Superior Justice will draw you in with its unique and quirky characters and keep you guessing until the end.

(Softcover; 314 pages)

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