Superior Storm: A Lake Superior Mystery

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Superior Storm: A Lake Superior Mystery

by Tom Hilpert

The second in the Lake Superior Mystery series, Superior Storm features the character of Jonah Borden as a not-so-typical Lutheran Pastor, who also happens to investigate local mysteries.

Pastor Borden loses the life savings of an elderly widow when the First National Bank of Grand Lake, Minnesota is robbed. Now he is playing detective, trying to solve the crime and recover the widow's money. But his friends in law-enforcement can't seem to help him, and information about the case mysteriously disappears. In the meantime, Jonah faces professional challenges, and to top it off, his own relationship with the beautiful Leyla Bennett is in troubled waters. Jonah must overcome a malicious plot against his life, the ghosts of his past, and face the fury of Superior itself, if he is to save himself and the ones he loves.

Superior Storm is set among the wild beauty of Lake Superior; featuring a cast of unique and memorable characters.

(Softcover; 309 pages)

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