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From the Preface to the Defense
Lessons in the Lutheran Confessions

Colossians 2:1–7

From the Confessions: The Defense of the Augsburg Confession

From the Preface

We commend our cause to Christ, who in time will judge these controversies. We pray he will look upon the afflicted and scattered churches, and bring them back to godly and perpetual concord. So, if the known and clear truth is trampled underfoot, we will resign this cause to God and Christ in heaven, the Father of orphans and the Judge of widows and of all the forsaken, who we know will rightly judge and pass sentence upon this cause. Lord Jesus Christ, it is your holy gospel; it is your cause. Look upon the many troubled hearts and consciences, and maintain and strengthen in your truth your churches and little flocks who suffer anxiety and distress from the devil. Confound all hypocrisy and lies, and grant peace and unity, so that your glory may advance, and your kingdom, strong against all the gates of hell, may continually grow and increase.

Pulling It Together: The Church in Rome replied to the Lutheran's Augsburg Confession with what is called the Confutation. However, the Lutherans were not permitted to have a copy or to know what was contained therein, except that they agree to three things. They must not publish it, or reply to it, and must agree with it wholesale and unseen. They could not accept those conditions and relied upon notes taken at a public reading of the Confutation. Later, Melancthon also saw a copy and finished the Lutheran Defense that would never be accepted by the emperor. It seemed the Romanists had won the day. Nevertheless, the Defense of the Augsburg Confession was enthusiastically received by the Lutherans, further strengthening their beliefs. Since they had been rooted and built up in Christ and established in the faith, what could they do but trust in God and continue walking in the Lord?

Prayer: Lord Jesus Christ, give me strength through your Word that I may continue to walk with you in thanksgiving. Amen. 

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