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Faith is everything and saves us, and on this account we are not idle but labor much for the benefit of our neighbor, for we have enough in Christ. More
In the end, we will not see a single thing we would like to have. But faith is the principle by which we secure what we do not see. We must fully trust God... More
Paul urges us to hold steadily to what we have received by walking as he does; shaping their belief and conduct by the pattern we have received from him. More
Faith in Jesus Christ is nothing but real help and pure grace. God designs to have me as his child in Christ, placed above all things temporal and eternal. More
Let us guard against everything that makes for only a show, and not reject what does not make a display, so that we do not reject Christ and God. More
The witness of the Holy Spirit within you is the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Word, a confirmation being that you have pleasure and delight in God’s Word. More
You have the power to speak the Word; whoever believes has forgiveness of sins. If they believe not, then what you speak avails nothing though it be God’s Word. More
God would not have us be overanxious for our life, but labor and commend our anxiety to him, so, he does not allow us to have another Lord besides himself. More
"The eternal Son of God was from the beginning with his church and with the people who received the promise of his coming in the form of man." More
The man who lies half dead, wounded and stripped of his clothing, is all mankind. The Samaritan is our Lord Jesus Christ Cling to him, your only help. More
We must lay hold of the gospel in such a way that we may stand and say: “Not because a certain one taught, do I believe ... the doctrine itself is right." More
The widow's misfortune is portrayed here so that we might learn that with God nothing is impossible, whether it be misfortune, calamity, anger, or whatever. More
Jesus freely gives me his life with all his works, so that I may appropriate them to myself as a possession that is my own but is bestowed upon me as a free gift. More
"Human nature alone will never be able to accomplish what God requires in this commandment, namely, that we surrender our will to the will of God..." More
The more misery and death are in us, the more richly we may find comfort and life in Christ Jesus, provided we hold fast to him by faith through his Word. More
What would all the riches and nobility of the world be compared with being named and chosen by God himself, called his son, the heir of exalted divine majesty? More
Christians need not waver, nor stake their affairs on that which is uncertain, vainly caring for the future, but at all times do that which is right. More
Do this for the honor of God and for your own benefit: strive after the great and eternal good. If you attain and keep this, the rest will surely take care of itself. More
The preaching of the precious gospel offers God’s grace and mercy in Christ, which is offered to condemned sinners without any merit of their own. More
To love God with all the mind is to cleave to him who is our chief good, to do nothing against his will, to take nothing except what is pleasing to God. More
If you would be freed from your sins, do not chastise yourself with them, but seize Christ, the one who has taken your sins upon himself. More
"Wherever God’s Word is preached, there is God’s own true house, there God most certainly dwells with his grace. Wherever his gospel is, there..." More
Love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. Through this craving some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs. More
The lepers went boldly to meet Jesus, certain that he could heal them. Standing in firmness and sincerity against doubt, they confidently prayed. More
You need no longer be afraid of condemnation because of your unworthiness for you have the consolation of faith, the assurance of grace. More
Faith grows out of the Word of God, producing the good fruit of love and mercy and all manner of godly care for one's neighbor. More
"It assuages and comforts the sufferer beyond measure to know that he does not suffer alone, but with a great multitude." More
God has opened the treasures of his holy gospel to us, so we may learn his will. Will we believe and know peace or disbelieve and suffer wrath? More
"We should therefore despair of ourselves and pray to God for faith as the apostles did. When we have faith we need nothing more..." More
Once we have been baptized into Christ and believe, his will is that we should then live accordingly, obeying God and doing what is commanded. More
"Christ commands the disciples to set the loaves before the multitude, by which he shows that he will administer his work and gifts through the instrumentality of human agencies." More
What would it help the critics of Christ if the gospel was preached twice as clearly as it is? They are so deafened by their own conceits that they can hear nothing else. More
"When we come before God the Father, Christ will say: Father! Although they have not wholly fulfilled thy law, yet I have done so, let this be to their benefit because they believe in me." More
"Oh, how heavy and terrible the impending judgment for those who have denied to Christ the Lord, in his thirst, even the cup of cold water." More
Luther uses the this story to illustrate how office of ministry brings the Word to people so that they may hear and be given faith to believe. More
The Spirit impresses Christ and his works upon the heart, making it a true book which does not consist in tracing mere letters and words, but in true life and action. More
Good works do not make one pious or good. One must first be good and pious at heart. The tree must first be there to bear the fruit. More
So much of what false teachers' have afflicted the church with in recent decades is easily overcome by exercising judgment through the Word. More
No one thinks of saving for posterity, but live as if they rejoice in destroying everything at once. Yet in all this destruction God will nevertheless help us. More
"All who faithfully cling to the Word of God will be fed by God; for that is the nature and power of faith, which flows alone out of the Word of God." More
Our eternal life, attained through faith in Christ. will be to know God, delight in his wisdom, and enjoy the presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. More
"The chief thing that should influence a Christian’s outward walk is the remembrance of his calling and appointment by God." More
"To be 'led by the Spirit of God' means to be given a heart which gladly hears God’s Word and believes that in Christ it has grace and the forgiveness of sins." More
"It is natural for us to feel hurt when suffering, injustice, and violence attack becomes necessary to check and restrain the feelings of anger..." More
"Not until Peter considered himself unworthy did he become really worthy. Just because you are a sinful person you must the more trust in God." More
"Christians must not seek their own, but look at all alike, whether friend or foe, as our heavenly Father does. Without such mercy, there is no true faith." More
"There is peace, strength and comfort in the heart, so that the heart cares for no evil, is really bolder and more joyful in its presence than in its absence." More
God performs his miracles along the lines of natural law. Looking for bread from heaven, rather than by human means, tests God and is a sin. More
It is a glory that every preacher may be able to say with full confidence that he trusts God for teaching and preaching truly the Word of God. More
Christ keeps aloof from lazy, unfaithful idlers who will not do as they have been commanded, and will not keep their hands and feet from straying. More
Christ has not come to make you afraid, but to remove your sins and distress from you. “Fear not,” he speaks to your heart, and to the whole world. More
The curse of humanity is they shall never be satisfied and must endure heartache and everlasting destruction through the things they have coveted. More
If you only remain under Christ's protection and lie still upon his shoulders, you need not be troubled about sin, death, or hell, for he defends you. More
No life is so difficult as the life of faith, depending only upon the promises of God when the who world seems to say, "God has forgotten all about you." More
Scripture shows us that in God there are three persons — not three Gods or three kinds of divinity, but the same undivided, divine essence. More
"The tongue of a minister — the language he employs — must be of that simplicity which preaches naught but Christ," and brings him the glory. More
We are not to be deceived by so-called ghosts, which are not souls but instead, demons bent on misdirecting a believer's focus on the living Christ. More
Even pious people can scarcely stand firm, often being entangled by gross sins and natural corruptions, for original sin is complete lawlessness. More
We teach all to trust in the grace of God, not in their own worthiness, and to render him gratitude for his grace. This is intolerable to the world. More
Although the Christians senses within himself the presence of evil thoughts and lusts, yet his faith and the Holy Spirit remind him of his baptism. More
God showers his gifts on an ungrateful world, whose people go about their lives as though sight and hearing were due them. And so, we miss God's grace. More
Christians do not follow pastors; they follow Christ Jesus. Pastors preach the gospel, a message that leads lost sheep to the one who saves them. More
"Reason argues: You have sinned, you must also atone for your sin. The gospel of Christ says: You have sinned, another must atone for you." More
We are in the golden age because we have the light of God’s Word and the sacraments are rightly administered in our churches. More
The service of righteousness in Christ has the double blessing of a clear conscience before God and the rich and incorruptible reward of eternal life. More
Faith is not an inactive and lifeless thing. When there is faith in the heart, its power will be manifested toward God and one's neighbor. More
It is by the power of the resurrection of Christ that Thomas, and us, who are so deep and obdurate in unbelief, are so suddenly changed. More
The most religious person will be lost and condemned if he will not believe. For there is no forgiveness of sins, nor salvation, if one does not believe. More
We make excuses, preferring many things against the gospel, for we are no better than were the ancient Jews, who also rejected the gospel for the law. More
Wherever the Word of God has a foothold, there the devil will be. He will always build his taverns and kitchens by the side of God’s house. More
Jesus sends every Christian to instruct and teach his neighbor, that he may also come to Christ, a power not reserved for popes, bishops, and pastors. More
"Poverty and suffering make no one acceptable to God; but if he is already acceptable to God, his poverty and suffering are precious in God’s eyes." More
The preaching of Christ feeds his guests through holy baptism, comforting and strengthening them through the Sacrament of his body and blood. More
Knowing that you all embrace the one true God's Word, hold together in one faith and one mind, not disagreeing as though you had many gods. More
"In these words the soul finds a well prepared table, at which it satisfies all hunger; for it knows of a certainty that he who speaks cannot lie." More
Sin is not forgiven so that we may sin all the more, taking God's grace for granted and taking advantage, but so that conscience is free to love God. More
"Faith, if it is true faith, is of such a nature that it does not rely upon itself, but holds to Christ, and takes refuge under his righteousness." More
The preaching of the law shows us that our entire lives and characters, however holy and beautiful they may seem, are nothing before God. More
Because God has so richly shed upon us the gospel of light, we ought in honor and gratitude to him try to reform and temper ourselves. More
You are blessed if your have heard and seen with your heart the Lord Jesus Christ, for there are those who have heard and seen without perception. More
Man is made in God's image and God wills that we revere his image in our neighbor, doing all we can for him, protecting him and doing him good. More
"Come what will, let us say: Here is God’s Word; that is my rock and anchor; to that I cling and that abides; and where that abides, there I abide also." More
The light exposes the darkness of human reason, doctrine, and works, and displays our need of the grace and glory of he who is Light from Light, true God from true God. More
Your beliefs, especially doctrine about Christ, must come from the Scriptures. Rest your faith on Christ as found in the Word alone. More
Now it came to pass in those days, a decree went out from Caesar Augustus, that all the world should be enrolled. This was the first census made when Quirinius was governor of Syria. More
A Christmas message from Sola Publishing More
A Christmas message from Sola Publishing More
A Christmas message from Sola Publishing More
Let us be clear. God will not hold guiltless the one who takes his name in vain. Yet, the one who calls upon his name in sorrow over that sin will be forgiven. More
Learn how to read God's Word through the lens of Luther's Small Catechism. Looking for the Commandments, the Lord's Prayer, the Apostles' Creed, and the Sacraments on every page of the Bible. More
Everyone is able to abide by the laws of the land, else the Scripture would not command us to do so. Furthermore, one may choose to obey the laws of the land or not. More

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