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Those who would follow their reason in the things dealt with in the article of the Trinity, will reject the Word, and be defeated in their "wisdom." More
We have received a mark, the sign of God's hand upon us. We are sealed with God's promise of salvation and eternal life through baptism and faith. More
We have received a mark, the sign of God's hand upon us. We are sealed with God's promise of salvation and eternal life through baptism and faith. More
Just as little as it lies in one’s power to be born and to receive natural existence, so little does it lie in his power to be without sin or to escape from it. He who created us must take it away. More
No one comes to the Father or apprehends the promises of the gospel except through faith in Christ alone. Through Christ Jesus, we become children of the Father by God's grace. More
The gospel is not the light but the expression of that eternal Light that has risen upon us. Rise and shine in the light that has dawned upon you. More
The magi may not have known who the newborn king truly was, but you and I are called to attend to our vocations, then think only how we may know Christ. More
The light exposes the darkness of human reason, doctrine, and works, and displays our need of the grace and glory of he who is Light from Light, true God from true God. More
Love of neighbor does not justify us to God. Faith in God does however, compel us to love our neighbor, and this is evidence of faith, and love of God. More
Having Christ's Spirit within us, we are to love our neighbors so fully through that it seems as though we are indebted to love our them. More
The sacrifices of the Old Testament are fulfilled in the one sacrifice of Christ Jesus so that we may offering the living sacrifice of faith in everyday life. More
God allows suffering to guard against presumption, as example to others to repent, and as preparation for finding Christ, and keeping him. More
Christians should not curse—in the sense of wishing evil in a person's life. However, Christians are to censure and reprove evil in the hope of good. More
We must have faith in the Word, not in what our senses tell us. Feelings are secondary (at least) and are to be subordinated to "what is written." More
Christians are priests, each and every one of them, and as priests, are to offer acceptable sacrifices to God. That sacrifice is self for the honor God. More
Simeon was not impressed by appearances and so, could bless Christ Jesus. If appearances are our motivation, we will not bless Jesus. More
We must consider ourselves with sound and sober judgment, not thinking much of our piety. There is always room for improvement in the Christian life. More
Have we forgotten that in order to be saved, we must have faith in Christ, trusting in God above our own works of religious devotion? More
Good and bad happens to bad and so-called good people alike. The difference is how one responds, and why, and from where their peace comes. More
Our worship and good works are to be done for Christ's sake, not because we think that we earn salvation through our deeds or piety. More
Love is virtue pure and precious. It neither utters, nor thinks any evil of its neighbor. It rather covers sin; not one sin, nor two, but a “multitude of sins.” More
May we be content with the gospel, with what is written, for it contains all that God wants us to know about himself, all that we need to know. More
Paul does not put much emphasis on foretelling the future, but on the explanation of the Scriptures, so that there may be faith in the gospel. More
God permits us to fail in order to make us seek him in his Word. Do not despair when things do not go your way. God is calling you. More
Each Christian has been given a calling, and with that calling a particular gift or gifts to fulfill the calling. These do not make her better or happier than another. More
Jesus allowed for believers and unbelievers alike in the church, so that both might be spared, believers from violent uprooting, and unbelievers an opportunity to believe. More
Love desires the best for its neighbor, even when one's neighbor does not desire the best for you, so one must pray for them even when they are not neighborly. More
Marriage, because it is God's institution, will be a difficult work, as the flesh will resist and rebel, as it always does against doing God's will. More
As much as you are able, live in peace with all; spend time with those of humble circumstance. Be a blessing to your neighbor. More
A Christian glories in the things of which other men are ashamed — in the cross and in his sufferings. For the world will not long endure the Word. More
Take the Word of God "as it stands," as it is written, and be transformed by the Holy Spirit who works through that very Word in all his people. More
Seek! Search! Look everywhere else. But you will never find Christ Jesus anywhere else but in the holy Scripture. The Spirit will reveal himself there. More
A Christian does not live life aimlessly. This life is a race to the prize, eternal life in Jesus Christ, and so, must be run with passion and purpose. More
Come to Christ because you are a sinner, not because you think he must have someone as great and pious as you. Come with faith in him, not in yourself. More
When there is but infinite day, we will require faith no more, nor hope. Love is the permanent thing, and therefore, the greatest of the three that now abide. More
The gospel leaves us no room to doubt the Lord's favor, for the first and the last to believe his word will receive his eternal and generous salvation. More
Peter's and Luther's doctrine of the priesthood of believers is central to Paul's teaching on honoring weaker members of the body of Christ. More
Don't you love a good mystery, one told well and ends well? That is what Jesus came to proclaim, a mystery for the ages revealed for you. More
All works are good, so long as they are done in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, for his glory, as directed by him rather than by one's own ability. More
The reason Jesus came to earth was to do his Father's will, to die for a world's sin. It was his passion, his Plan A; there was no Plan B. More
God can bring life and healing to the lives of others through your faith, as seen in biblical examples like the centurion who had faith for another. More
Are you gracious or harsh and demanding of others? We must show mercy and grace to our neighbor, as we have been shown these by Christ. More
We are forgiven only if we continue in faith and are occupied with purging out the impurity that remains in us. Life is daily repentance and forgiveness: purging. More
You just can't win sometimes. Trying to defend yourself does not work; you just get judged all the more. All you can do is entrust yourself to God. More
The gifts of God are to be used in service of neighbor so that God receives the glory for our actions. This is accomplished when we serve with love. More
If you do not love your neighbor, your conscience will condemn you. Without trust in a forgiving Father, you will be overwhelmed with guilt. More
We are to owe no person anything, except to love one another, for the one who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law and commandments. More
"Reason, flesh and blood, cannot understand, nor grasp that the Scriptures should say how the Son of man must be suffer for us." More
We should cheerfully suffer want and temptation for the service of God and the good of our neighbor, like Christ did for us. More
Jesus was able to be patient with his accusers and attackers because he did not entrust himself to their judgment but to him who judges justly. More
What do you want Jesus to do for you? Heal some spiritual blindness? Increase your faith? Hear the gospel and receive God's grace? Ask and you shall receive. More
We do not live by the nourishment of the body alone. We also need spiritual sustenance, or as Jesus says, "that word that proceeds from the mouth of God" More
Be careful that you are not tempted to believe twisted Scriptures, especially when it concerns false promises for your soul. Christ alone is our Promise. More
All works of love, then, must be directed, as commanded, to our needy neighbors. In these lowly ones we are to find, love, serve, and honor God. More
The law condemns but the gospel takes away all despair, so that, even if one has only some crumbs of faith, she may believe and be a child of God. More
The wastelands of unclean spirits are nothing more than unbelieving hearts, Evil is anxious to return home, so keep believing and exercising your faith. More
Everyone — even old Noah, your pastor, and your child — is a sinner who can do nothing without God's assistance. Admit it, and salvation begins. More
There should be a grateful and increasing degree of perfection in the doctrines we have received, perceiving our errors and striving to mend our ways. More
Read the Bible on your own, for sure. But get yourself to church to hear the Word read and proclaimed among God's community. He speaks there. More
One needs more than purification of the body in order to be at peace with God. The conscience must be cleansed by faith in the shed blood of Jesus. More
There have been and will always be those who would take advantage of your liberty in Christ, insisting you must do this and that to be saved. More
Jesus Christ is the "strong man" who uses his gospel word to overpower the dumb, deaf, blind, and demon-possessed, converting where he wills. More
We are weak in the flesh, yes, but this is all the more reason to strive for purity and to live in holiness since Christ Jesus has made us holy. More
The preacher must not present an obstacle to the Word that results from his life, and especially from his doctrine, so they refuse to believe because of him. More
The office of the ministry will always be disgraced by some, as Christ Jesus himself was dishonored, simply because his Word is proclaimed as truth. More
Whatever day it is, the promise of the gospel abounds for you, making it the acceptable day for your salvation. Believe! and it will be a brand new day. More
God has no desire to forget us and so, those who love the Lord will live on in his memory and in another, blessed life so that we may remain in his love. More
Be careful how you respond to God when he confronts you with your sins, especially when it involves your neighbor, or family, your closest neighbors. More
Nothing would thwart God's plan, not even Adam's and Eve's disobedience — our our own. He has promised a Savior, and delivered on his promise. More
God may show mercy even to the unjust so that they may have time to repent and know the full and certain assurance of his love and care. More
Lack of faith is what drives us East of Eden, away from the presence of God, the communion of saints, the church, Christ's kingdom, and eternal life. More
We are to turn the other cheek, trusting in God above all things — even government, even ourselves — that he will avenge wrongdoing. More
God will keep his promise that the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent, establishing Seth in that line that would herald the Savior. More
We should fear, love, and trust in God above all things, trusting him through his Word, more than feelings, works, or even his good gifts. More
Like children imitating their parents, we should imitate God, especially in doing good things for our neighbors so that the Father is glorified in us. More
This is our hope — our only hope: Christ Jesus — that we might believe in him, and having such faith, come to see him on that great and glorious Day. More
Life is sometimes difficult, so we must hold firmly in faith to the word and promises of God in Jesus Christ found in the Scriptures, The Holy Bible. More
It is the sin of all who have ever lived — including you and me — that sent Christ Jesus to the cross to pay the ransom for of a whole world of sinners. More
In order to keep our focus on God, instead of on self, we are sometimes given a gift: an affliction of the flesh that makes us rely upon God. More
Whoever disregards the life of Christ on earth, wishing to find eternal life in some other way than he accomplished for us, fails to find salvation. More
No one but Christ Jesus has suffered for the sins of others, yet his passion, his suffering and death, avail for the salvation of every sinner who believes on him. More
Do not try to work yourself up to a feeling of being forgiven and loved by God, but ask him for the faith to know Christ crucified, and the assurance of salvation. More
One finds in Jesus strength and comfort against all vice and bad habits, as true Christians incorporate the life and name of Christ into their own lives. More
The old saying that confession is good for the soul is not sufficiently correct; it is the absolute forgiveness of sins that is good for the souls of sinners. More
We confess that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. More
When anxiety, distress, or other trials come your way, hold fast to the Word, keep the faith, you will see Christ clearly there, and he will again bring you joy. More
God demands admission or confession of sin, and that people everywhere repent of their sins, turning away from self to God through his Savior. More
The church is sent into the whole world to proclaim the good news that people are saved from their sins, not by their deeds, but by Christ alone. More
The Christian life is not a matter of outward appearance but of living by the Word and through faith in and under the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord. More
We are left to believe the Word, the word of Christ, and his works that follow after us. not in our own works, but by faith in the word of the cross. More
We aim to believe in what is written in the words of Scripture, so that we may have a faith like Enoch, faith in the God who takes up his people to himself. More
May you have faith in God, believing the unbelievable, that sin and death are overcome for you, not because you earned it, but for Christ's sake. More
We may know the Lord's presence everywhere through the Creed, the Ten Commandments, the Lord's Prayer, and the blessed Sacraments. More
"The baptized Christian is born a citizen of heaven through baptism. We should be mindful of this fact and walk here as if native there." More
May you be a fresh lump with whom Christ Jesus being worked in, that the grace and power of the Spirit may continue to work out your salvation. More
We have the clear Word of God as testimony for us who believe, that Christ gave himself as a grace to be received in the bread and wine of his table. More
If you would be a Christian, then you must not be terribly alarmed or impatient at the the torments of the world and of the devil. More
When we receive Holy Communion, we should be careful to increase love, to find our neighbor who is in need and reach out to him in Christ's name. More
You may be a birthright Jew, or a birthright Quaker, but without being born again, a salvation through the Word of Christ, there can be no salvation. More
God's Word and works in the Sacraments are not idle, but instead set people free from sin, death, the devil, and every sort of fear. More
Jesus calls us his brothers, not because of anything we have done to merit this inclusion in his family, but because we believe on him for salvation. More
Christ lay in the tomb for a part of three days, rising on the third, but what we should note is not so much the number but the fact that he truly died. More
It is comforting to hear Jesus tell us that his Father is also our Father, for as Jesus returns to him, we too, will one day ascend to our God in heaven. More
It is comforting to hear Jesus tell us that his Father is also our Father, for as Jesus returns to him, we too, will one day ascend to our God in heaven. More
It is not enough to know the historical fact of Jesus, but to also know that he calls us dear brothers, infusing his own righteousness and glory into us who believe. More
We are not to trifle with the Scriptures, else there would then be no reliable and permanent foundation whereon the conscience may rely. More
The role of the pastor or shepherd is to feed the sheep, and to protect them from all evil, which begins and ends with proper feeding from the Word. More
Christ is the righteousness of Christians before God, going to the Father, that is, suffering and rising for us, and thereby reconciling us to the Father. More
The world, seeing no wrong with itself, does not receive one part of Christ's word, reproval, and so, seeing no need of it, cannot receive his grace. More
Christ cannot remain in death — although he may suffer death by reason of his human nature — yet he must of his own power rise from the dead. More
There is a great Day coming when we will be raised bodily from the dead, but in the meantime, we are being raised spiritually into a better existence. More
Scripture teaches that we cannot be saved by our own works, but through hearing and believing by the power of his Spirit that Jesus is the Christ . More
The true church is not known by its government or its name but because it is known by its Shepherd and knows him, having faith in him alone. More
To keep company with the "weak Christ" is the highest wisdom on earth, and a second is like it, to bear with his weak followers, the church. More
Through Christ's death, you are redeemed from sin and death, raised to an imperishable life you cannot yet perceive in yourselves except through faith. More
If you believe that Christ died to save you from all evil, and hold fast to that word, you will find it so certain and sure that no creature can overthrow it. More
Christ's kingdom abounds in grace and mercy for he is a comforting, friendly shepherd, who tenderly invites, and all people to come to him. More
We are to remember the poor, as the apostles urged, but there is another poor Man whom the whole world would forget, while Christians remember. More
Out of pure grace and mercy, God elects, as beneficiaries of his goodness, the poor, and wretched, and unworthy, who acknowledge themselves guilty. More
It is not for human beings to say what is right or wrong, whether an act or ruling is divine, for that is left to God alone who elects those who believe. More
When despairing, our works must immediately sink out of sight, leaving no help or victory except the faith that clings to the word of Christ the Lord. More
Cling to the great and glorious gifts of the resurrection: the gospel, holy Baptism, the power of the Holy Spirit, and comfort in all adversity. More
We are joint heirs with Christ by believing on the same Lord Jesus Christ alone and the promises of his word and the Father's grace are ours. More
Christ hung upon the cross that we might learn how deeply strength lies hidden under weakness, and learn to know his strength in our weakness. More
In the gospel is an entirely different, a spiritual government, that exists alone in the Word, by which sinners are convicted and Christ proclaimed. More
Christ as a gift makes you a Christian and nourishes your faith, but Christ as an example moves your faith to do good works for your neighbor. More
Those who would believe and preach the gospel, must cast aside all works supposed to make one just and holy , and allow nothing to remain but faith. More
The great and powerful work of all true Christians is, by God’s grace, to keep the faith so that they may have a clear conscience and peace before God. More
The gospel is a teaching that gives the world nothing but offense — a thing unworthy to be heard or tolerated because it is not worldly, but spiritual. More
May you know the will of the Father so that you may ask rightly in the Son's name, knowing that you receive for Christ's sake, not by your own merit. More
May you hear the Word of God and believe because the Spirit has born witness with your spirit that this word comes from God, and is for you. More
The Lord suffers a lifetime with us, giving us the opportunity to repent and believe in his Savior. But he will suffer no longer than a limited lifetime. More
You may be a blessing to your neighbor because you know you are a child of God, received into his grace, and living in the sure hope of salvation. More
Why does God permit his own to suffer? In order to subdue the free will, that we should accustom ourselves to build alone upon Christ. More
The Church is not known by the name on the sign or external appearance but those who have real knowledge of Christ in his Word and promises. More
The office of the Holy Spirit is, namely, to invest the treasure — Christ and all he has, to enfold him in your heart so that Christ Jesus may be your own. More
Do not judge things according to feelings but keep to the Word and the comfort of preaching which the Holy Spirit gives to distressed consciences. More
Christ binds the church to his Word and dwells in the midst of those who gather for the teaching and preaching of it, and live under its rule. More
We are loved of God through Christ Jesus and enjoy his favor and grace, but also have the great promises of the Lord himself dwelling completely in us. More
Church is where it happens. What happens there but God's Spirit working through the read and preached Word? We avoid the assembly at our peril. More
May the Holy Spirit working through the Word convince you that the Father would have your heart free, at peace with him through faith in his Son. More
The Holy Spirit has comes to enlighten your hearts, so that you will understand the truth, and will call to remembrance all things of Christ. More
The Spirit, pouring into our hearts, makes us different beings, creatures who love and obey God. This is simply the manifestation of his work in the heart. More
The primitive church would assemble daily for prayer, morning and evening, and also at certain other appointed hours, and frequently entire nights. More
It is not becoming of Christians to lead heathenish lives, as they have something nobler to do. They are to be occupied with the Word of God. More
"What is temporal suffering, however protracted, contrasted with eternal life? It is not worthy to be called suffering or to be esteemed meritorious." More
The day will come when only righteousness and holiness shall dwell on the earth — none but godly, righteous souls — for we shall be like God. More
An angry heart knows no moderation, fanning a tiny spark into a conflagration, retaliating and cursing, committing a greater wrong than suffered. More
As long as unity of faith and oneness of mind survive, the true Church of God abides, so we must be careful to cherish the virtue of harmony. More
God often lays hold upon leaders of sects who blaspheme with false doctrines, inflicting on them unusual punishments for the sake of warning others. More
We are not condemned because we have great riches, but because we are attached to them and trust in them, instead of in Jesus Christ the Lord. More
It is impossible to love, where no faith exists, and impossible to believe, where there is no love. Love of neighbor depends upon the love of God. More
It is not enough that Christ be preached; the Word must be believed. So, God sends the Holy Spirit to impress the preaching upon the heart. More
One may confess Christ but still deny him in deeds and works, by insisting he is his own lord through his religious observances being the way to salvation. More
God’s ears are open to the prayers of the righteous, looking upon you with gracious, winning eyes, his ears alert even to the faintest sound of prayer. More
Even in danger and death, you have a faithful Father and Savior, who has taken you into his own hand, and will preserve you. Journey on in joy. More
Christians should love and pray for the salvation of all, for the sanctification of God’s name, the coming of his kingdom, and the fulfilment of his will. More
The affection of the intended husband toward his betrothed spouse is of a particular and elevated kind, a knowledge and revelation of the Holy Spirit. More
God would have us occupy this world as guests, striving after an eternal kingdom, abstaining from lusts, maintaining a godly life of good works. More
If the affections and thoughts of men are without faith in God, they are without Christ and his Word, and therefore, they are without the truth. More
The whole creation cries out for a speedy end of these injustices and abuses of the ungodly, and for the dawning of glory for the children of God! More
One of the sweetest pleasures of Christian marriage is not sexual, that the blessing of the sense of completeness at being merely with one another. More
Today's online Scripture jigsaw From the Word Therefore a man leaves his father and his mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh. Genesis 2:24, RSV From Luther This sentence of Adam is prophetic. For as yet there was no father or mother; nor consequently were there any children. Through the Holy Spirit Adam prophesies of that married life, which should be in the world, and predictively describes the ... More
Experience teaches how difficult it is to keep Christ's Word, but the Christian will love Christ, his Word, and his kingdom more than all things of the earth. More
We must be able to say that we know we have God’s pledge and the witness of the Holy Spirit, that he wants to be our Father through Christ, his Son. More
Christians are to be confident of eternal glory, to implore the Lord God to hasten the Day, for Jesus has taught us to pray, “Thy kingdom come.” More
"Come what will, let us say: Here is God’s Word; that is my rock and anchor; to that I cling and that abides; and where that abides, there I abide also." More
"All who preach the doctrines of men make man the light, lead men away from God to themselves, and set themselves up as the true Light." More
In Cain, we see the hateful world, and on the other hand, that poor, abject Abel well represents the obscure little brotherhood: the Church of Christ. More
Man is made in God's image and God wills that we revere his image in our neighbor, doing all we can for him, protecting him and doing him good. More
God never lays his hand upon us in order that we would be damned but pursues a course that leads us to repentance, so we would seek his grace. More
My conscience must rest upon the foundation, the eternal, all-knowing truth that God alone is truth, and must rest upon him and nothing else. More
Since man has fallen in sin, we all — the whole creation — must suffer the consequence and be subject to futility and vanity...and yet may have hope. More
You are blessed if your have heard and seen with your heart the Lord Jesus Christ, for there are those who have heard and seen without perception. More
God provides strong medicine to cure the sinful condition but this gives no license to make oneself ill so that more medicine may be received. More
Christ Jesus was buried that he might, through forgiveness, cover up, mortify, and destroy our sin, whether actually committed or inherent in us. More
The two powers, God’s and Caesar’s, or spiritual and temporal kingdoms, must be kept apart, Christians especially rendering to each the honor due. More
Because God has so richly shed upon us the gospel of light, we ought in honor and gratitude to him try to reform and temper ourselves. More
All people are in ancient Cain's very same condition, for unless our nature is helped by the Spirit of God, it cannot maintain itself. More
The preaching of the law shows us that our entire lives and characters, however holy and beautiful they may seem, are nothing before God. More
"Faith, if it is true faith, is of such a nature that it does not rely upon itself, but holds to Christ, and takes refuge under his righteousness." More
Sin is not forgiven so that we may sin all the more, taking God's grace for granted and taking advantage, but so that conscience is free to love God. More
"In these words the soul finds a well prepared table, at which it satisfies all hunger; for it knows of a certainty that he who speaks cannot lie." More
Knowing that you all embrace the one true God's Word, hold together in one faith and one mind, not disagreeing as though you had many gods. More
We must abandon the life of the flesh and enter into new life, dead to the old. There must be a real change and an overthrow of nature and feeling. More
Before man may receive righteousness and eternal life, there must come One who has eternal righteousness and life, who appeases God’s wrath. More
Through baptism, Christ dedicates us to himself — he decides for us, elects us — and imparts to us the power of his death and resurrection. More
The preaching of Christ feeds his guests through holy baptism, comforting and strengthening them through the Sacrament of his body and blood. More
If you wish to proceed wisely and truly apprehend God, you can do no better than to be interested in his Word where he has revealed himself. More
This old man must be crucified, executed, put out of the way, even here in this life. Were he remains in his strength, faith and spirit cannot be. More
"Poverty and suffering make no one acceptable to God; but if he is already acceptable to God, his poverty and suffering are precious in God’s eyes." More
Jesus sends every Christian to instruct and teach his neighbor, that he may also come to Christ, a power not reserved for popes, bishops, and pastors. More
Wherever the Word of God has a foothold, there the devil will be. He will always build his taverns and kitchens by the side of God’s house. More
We make excuses, preferring many things against the gospel, for we are no better than were the ancient Jews, who also rejected the gospel for the law. More
The most religious person will be lost and condemned if he will not believe. For there is no forgiveness of sins, nor salvation, if one does not believe. More
It is by the power of the resurrection of Christ that Thomas, and us, who are so deep and obdurate in unbelief, are so suddenly changed. More
Faith is not an inactive and lifeless thing. When there is faith in the heart, its power will be manifested toward God and one's neighbor. More
The service of righteousness in Christ has the double blessing of a clear conscience before God and the rich and incorruptible reward of eternal life. More
We are in the golden age because we have the light of God’s Word and the sacraments are rightly administered in our churches. More
"Reason argues: You have sinned, you must also atone for your sin. The gospel of Christ says: You have sinned, another must atone for you." More
"Christians have regard for God’s Word and believe that God cares for them. They commend all things to him and at his word go on with courage." More
When one senses his wretchedness, then is the time to believe in Jesus Christ. There are no other means to save you, save be baptized and believe. More
The religious people were enemies of Christ because of the people Jesus called his friends: sinners who wanted to follow him. More
Noah is called “just” because he first believed, then “perfect” (“upright”) because he walked in the fear of God and conscientiously avoided sins. More
Christians do not follow pastors; they follow Christ Jesus. Pastors preach the gospel, a message that leads lost sheep to the one who saves them. More
God showers his gifts on an ungrateful world, whose people go about their lives as though sight and hearing were due them. And so, we miss God's grace. More
Although the Christians senses within himself the presence of evil thoughts and lusts, yet his faith and the Holy Spirit remind him of his baptism. More
We teach all to trust in the grace of God, not in their own worthiness, and to render him gratitude for his grace. This is intolerable to the world. More
Even pious people can scarcely stand firm, often being entangled by gross sins and natural corruptions, for original sin is complete lawlessness. More
We are not to be deceived by so-called ghosts, which are not souls but instead, demons bent on misdirecting a believer's focus on the living Christ. More
"The tongue of a minister — the language he employs — must be of that simplicity which preaches naught but Christ," and brings him the glory. More
Luther writes that, "We should rebuke and deal with the sinner in earnest; yet we are not to despise but sincerely to love him." More
We are to cover the shame of our neighbor with our own honor and piety, not cause wounds caused by gossip that we cannot heal. More
Scripture shows us that in God there are three persons — not three Gods or three kinds of divinity, but the same undivided, divine essence. More
No life is so difficult as the life of faith, depending only upon the promises of God when the who world seems to say, "God has forgotten all about you." More
"Not until Peter considered himself unworthy did he become really worthy. Just because you are a sinful person you must the more trust in God." More
If you only remain under Christ's protection and lie still upon his shoulders, you need not be troubled about sin, death, or hell, for he defends you. More
The curse of humanity is they shall never be satisfied and must endure heartache and everlasting destruction through the things they have coveted. More
Christ has not come to make you afraid, but to remove your sins and distress from you. “Fear not,” he speaks to your heart, and to the whole world. More
Christ keeps aloof from lazy, unfaithful idlers who will not do as they have been commanded, and will not keep their hands and feet from straying. More
It is a glory that every preacher may be able to say with full confidence that he trusts God for teaching and preaching truly the Word of God. More
Christians have help and strength to resist and mortify sin. and must constantly put to death the flesh lest they be put to death by it. More
God performs his miracles along the lines of natural law. Looking for bread from heaven, rather than by human means, tests God and is a sin. More
Noah kept his eye on the majesty of him who gave the command. That was enough for him, even though the command seemed absurd or impossible. More
"There is peace, strength and comfort in the heart, so that the heart cares for no evil, is really bolder and more joyful in its presence than in its absence." More
"Christians must not seek their own, but look at all alike, whether friend or foe, as our heavenly Father does. Without such mercy, there is no true faith." More
"It is natural for us to feel hurt when suffering, injustice, and violence attack becomes necessary to check and restrain the feelings of anger..." More
"To be 'led by the Spirit of God' means to be given a heart which gladly hears God’s Word and believes that in Christ it has grace and the forgiveness of sins." More
"The chief thing that should influence a Christian’s outward walk is the remembrance of his calling and appointment by God." More
Our eternal life, attained through faith in Christ. will be to know God, delight in his wisdom, and enjoy the presence of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. More
"All who faithfully cling to the Word of God will be fed by God; for that is the nature and power of faith, which flows alone out of the Word of God." More
No one thinks of saving for posterity, but live as if they rejoice in destroying everything at once. Yet in all this destruction God will nevertheless help us. More
So much of what false teachers' have afflicted the church with in recent decades is easily overcome by exercising judgment through the Word. More
Good works do not make one pious or good. One must first be good and pious at heart. The tree must first be there to bear the fruit. More
The Spirit impresses Christ and his works upon the heart, making it a true book which does not consist in tracing mere letters and words, but in true life and action. More
Luther uses the this story to illustrate how office of ministry brings the Word to people so that they may hear and be given faith to believe. More
"Oh, how heavy and terrible the impending judgment for those who have denied to Christ the Lord, in his thirst, even the cup of cold water." More
"When we come before God the Father, Christ will say: Father! Although they have not wholly fulfilled thy law, yet I have done so, let this be to their benefit because they believe in me." More
What would it help the critics of Christ if the gospel was preached twice as clearly as it is? They are so deafened by their own conceits that they can hear nothing else. More
"Christ commands the disciples to set the loaves before the multitude, by which he shows that he will administer his work and gifts through the instrumentality of human agencies." More
Once we have been baptized into Christ and believe, his will is that we should then live accordingly, obeying God and doing what is commanded. More
"We should therefore despair of ourselves and pray to God for faith as the apostles did. When we have faith we need nothing more..." More
God has opened the treasures of his holy gospel to us, so we may learn his will. Will we believe and know peace or disbelieve and suffer wrath? More
"It assuages and comforts the sufferer beyond measure to know that he does not suffer alone, but with a great multitude." More
Faith grows out of the Word of God, producing the good fruit of love and mercy and all manner of godly care for one's neighbor. More
You need no longer be afraid of condemnation because of your unworthiness for you have the consolation of faith, the assurance of grace. More
The lepers went boldly to meet Jesus, certain that he could heal them. Standing in firmness and sincerity against doubt, they confidently prayed. More
Love of money is a root of all kinds of evils. Through this craving some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pangs. More
"Wherever God’s Word is preached, there is God’s own true house, there God most certainly dwells with his grace. Wherever his gospel is, there..." More
To love God with all the mind is to cleave to him who is our chief good, to do nothing against his will, to take nothing except what is pleasing to God. More
If you would be freed from your sins, do not chastise yourself with them, but seize Christ, the one who has taken your sins upon himself. More
if overcome by wrath and led to rashness, do not continue in it, do not harbor it, but subdue and restrain it, the sooner the better. More
The preaching of the precious gospel offers God’s grace and mercy in Christ, which is offered to condemned sinners without any merit of their own. More
Do this for the honor of God and for your own benefit: strive after the great and eternal good. If you attain and keep this, the rest will surely take care of itself. More
Christians need not waver, nor stake their affairs on that which is uncertain, vainly caring for the future, but at all times do that which is right. More
What would all the riches and nobility of the world be compared with being named and chosen by God himself, called his son, the heir of exalted divine majesty? More
The more misery and death are in us, the more richly we may find comfort and life in Christ Jesus, provided we hold fast to him by faith through his Word. More
"Human nature alone will never be able to accomplish what God requires in this commandment, namely, that we surrender our will to the will of God..." More
Jesus freely gives me his life with all his works, so that I may appropriate them to myself as a possession that is my own but is bestowed upon me as a free gift. More
The widow's misfortune is portrayed here so that we might learn that with God nothing is impossible, whether it be misfortune, calamity, anger, or whatever. More
We must lay hold of the gospel in such a way that we may stand and say: “Not because a certain one taught, do I believe ... the doctrine itself is right." More
The man who lies half dead, wounded and stripped of his clothing, is all mankind. The Samaritan is our Lord Jesus Christ Cling to him, your only help. More
"The eternal Son of God was from the beginning with his church and with the people who received the promise of his coming in the form of man." More
God would not have us be overanxious for our life, but labor and commend our anxiety to him, so, he does not allow us to have another Lord besides himself. More
You have the power to speak the Word; whoever believes has forgiveness of sins. If they believe not, then what you speak avails nothing though it be God’s Word. More
The witness of the Holy Spirit within you is the power of the Holy Spirit working through the Word, a confirmation being that you have pleasure and delight in God’s Word. More
Let us guard against everything that makes for only a show, and not reject what does not make a display, so that we do not reject Christ and God. More
Faith in Jesus Christ is nothing but real help and pure grace. God designs to have me as his child in Christ, placed above all things temporal and eternal. More
Paul urges us to hold steadily to what we have received by walking as he does; shaping their belief and conduct by the pattern we have received from him. More
In the end, we will not see a single thing we would like to have. But faith is the principle by which we secure what we do not see. We must fully trust God... More
Faith is everything and saves us, and on this account we are not idle but labor much for the benefit of our neighbor, for we have enough in Christ. More
The Christian life does not need much doctrine, nor many books. Indeed, the Christian life is wholly contained in faith and love. More
Service is displeasing to God when done without the command and word of God. First comes love, then follows the service that will be pleasing to God. More
"We have need of the law, that love may be manifested; but if it cannot be kept without injury to our neighbor, God wants us to suspend it." More
"Let us ... remain on the right road to the kingdom of Christ with the words of the gospel which comfort the conscience: Be of good cheer, thy sins are forgiven." More
All who have been baptized and who believe in Christ have the authority and power to forgive sins in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. More
"We are not only to be with him, but we are also to come to a clear, bright view of his glory. Here upon earth we have it and recognize it only by faith." More
There is no work or merit in the kingdom, but only the acknowledgment of all our misfortune, and the reception of the gospel upon which faith depends More
All Christians may equally call Christ “Lord.” One may be assured he serves Christ if he can call him “Lord,” for only by the Holy Spirit is he enabled to do so. More
We are sufficiently warned in the gospel to follow Christ, not the doctrines of men, so that no excuse will help us if we allow ourselves to be deceived. More
"True Christians so live that it is apparent from their lives that they keep God before their eyes and truly believe the gospel." More
"Since Christians, by the grace and Spirit of God, are now renewed in this image of God, they are so to live that soul and spirit are righteous and pleasing to God through faith in Christ..." More
"What Paul terms being enriched “in all utterance” ... is having the comfort of faith in Christ and of invocation and prayer ... the Word of God ... Baptism, the Lord’s Supper, the Commandments and the Creed." More
"God has promised me through his Son, and confirmed it through my baptism, that he who hears and sees the Son shall be delivered from sin and death." More
It is dangerous to live heedlessly, for the devil is likely to take you by surprise. When you think you stand securely, he is ready to strike you down. More
The conscience knows its standing with God only through the merits of Christ Jesus. So long as we try to appease God, the conscience is troubled. More
Blessed are those persons who delight in God's Word, for they will prosper in the Lord's grace. Planted near this stream of truth, their spirits will grow in faith. More
The apostle implores God that they may increase and persevere in faith. Such is the great value he places upon possessing and holding fast God’s Word. More
This earthly life is not for our own sake but instead, our lives and everything we do, must contribute to the honor and glory of Jesus Christ our Lord. More
The unity of the Church does not consist in similarity of outward forms and customs but because it represents one plain, pure gospel doctrine. More
"The devil takes no respite, but whenever the gospel is preached in its purity he mixes with the children of God and sows his tares." More
No sin is more abominable to human nature, and of none is human nature less tolerant than the sin of ingratitude, for returning love and friendship with hatred. More
Christian unity resists sin and everything opposed to the religion of Christ, so the apostle enjoins us to be likeminded according to Christ Jesus. More
"Christ was both David’s true natural son, of his blood and flesh, and also David’s Lord, whom David himself must worship and hold as God." More
God leads us, not in the way of sense or reason, but in the way of faith alone, even of that faith that sees in darkness and beholds things that are invisible. More
We may keep ourselves from revenge by pitying those rushing to their own perdition. They do not in the least injure us, but horribly destroy themselves. More
If I gave God all the good works I could, it would be of no use to him; He wants my whole heart; he wants me. This marriage union is accomplished by faith. More
Do not be terrified of sin but call to mind your baptism. Comfort yourself that God covenanted to forgive your sins and not condemn you for Christ's sake. More
True service of praise is not established with revenues, laws, and programs. The only true service we all can render him is to praise and to thank him. More
Faith is the appropriate attire for the wedding of God and his Bride. No one will be admitted to the marriage feast unless they are clothed in Christ. More
The sum of the matter is this, that those persons are saved who place their trust solely in God, not in their works, nor in any creature. More
God laughs at us, at our attempts to triumph through our works, our politics, our religion. He mocks these human attempts at overcoming the troubles of life. More
So far as the Holy Supper is a confession before men, the communicant proclaims Christ and teaches faith in him, spreading the kingdom of Christ. More
Pure and strong faith requires one to cast away all feelings, understanding, and reason, to trust in Christ's word, be satisfied with it, and feel secure in it. More
The entire Scriptures were written for our learning. All Christians should make daily use of this book filled with God's word through which they find comfort. More
The external word or preaching is a means through which we receive God's grace, the forgiveness of sins, and the righteousness of Christ. More
If you would change the world, believe, preach, and live the gospel. This is how God has subdued the nations and you, through his Word. Go! More
The one who trusts in God will rejoice even if the whole world should burst upon his head. Such a person would stand unmoved amid the falling ruins. More
"There is a twofold reason for you to receive the Lord’s Supper. It means gratitude and praise for Christ, and grace and solace for yourself." More
The righteousness of the law cannot provide confidence of mind. What does avail is God’s imputation of righteousness for Christ’s sake through faith. More
"We need to cling to God and pray: Merciful God, thou hast permitted me to become a Christian, help me to continue to be one and to increase daily in faith". More
The world will not allow that it must stand before judgment, but rages against God. Let us take heed that the wrath of God may not also sweep us away. More
Regarding our neighbor's condition as our own, we should take upon ourselves their burdens, sins, and imperfections, and bear with them and help them to reform. More
It was no easy matter to believe that the whole human race was to perish, so the world judged Noah to be a dolt for believing such things and ridiculed him. More
The present time is unquestionably good and golden as long as the gospel of Jesus Christ is faithfully preached and received. More
When tempted, a wise man is watchful, not relying on human knowledge, reason, or feelings, but he remembers God’s Word, and is guided thereby. More
The Holy Spirit moves the heart to begin again to love each day. Christ is full of grace and truth, and through him grace and truth grow in us. More
May the Spirit of Christ move in you so that you might fear, love, and trust his Father and desire to stand before him in heaven in all his glorious majesty. More
Then shall the King say unto them on his right hand, "Come, ye blessed of my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world." More
We think we are safe begin to drift when we should fear God, always being concerned for our spiritual condition, so that we pray, "Lord, increase our faith." More
To overcome unrest, discontent, and disgust in one's self, a firm faith in God is necessary, for such a faith faith brings rest, contentment and peace. More
We must know the meaning of Christ’s words: “This is the will of my Father, that everyone who sees the Son, and believeth on him, may have everlasting life.” More
The last day will come and people will not expect it, even though that day is at the door. Told that these are signs of the last day, still they will not believe. More
Today's online Scripture jigsaw From the Word 5 This is evidence of the righteous judgment of God, that you may be made worthy of the kingdom of God, for which you are suffering — 6 since indeed God deems it just to repay with affliction those who afflict you, 7 and to grant rest with us to you who are afflicted, when the Lord Jesus is revealed from heaven with his mighty angels in flaming fire, ... More
At his coming, Christ will glorify our bodies until they correspond to his own immortal, glorious body, doing all this quite without the help of our works. More
Faith brings and gives Christ to you with all his possessions. Love brings and gives you to your neighbor along with all of your possessions. More
“Your King comes to you” does not mean that you find him, but that he seeks and finds you. Faith and works too, come from him, not from you. More
"The nature of faith is that it does not judge nor reason by what it sees, but by what it hears. It depends upon the Word alone and not on vision or sight." More
We should not think of an earthly kingdom, nor of bodily salvation, but give attention to the promise of a spiritual kingdom and of a redemption. More
God sent his own Son into the world to do what humans cannot do by reason or religion. This is who we await in Advent, remembering again God's grace. More
"People will eat and drink, buy and sell, marry and be given in marriage and wrap themselves up in this present life as if they expected to abide here forever." More
Let the unbeliever doubt and despise God’s signs and speak of them as simply natural; but let us hold fast to the Word that gives us sufficient warning. More
If we are true Christians we will earnestly and heartily join in Christ's prayer, saying "Thy kingdom come." If we do not so pray, we are not yet true Christians. More
There is no one so prepared for the judgment day as he who fears God and longs to be without sin. What do you fear? You are well prepared for that day. More
For the sake of gain, we rise from sleep and go to work. How much greater the need for us to awaken from our spiritual sleep, to engage the works of light. More
We are not waiting for a Messiah and Savior yet to come. We are waiting each Advent for the Messiah and Savior who has come and will come again. More
The coming of Christ will not be attended by drums and bugles and the like worldly pomp, but by spiritual power and grace. More
The offense of doctrine may be the most beautiful religious ceremonies, the noblest works, so that only faith through the Spirit recognizes that it is all wrong. More
To serve God is nothing else than to serve your neighbor in love, whether enemy or friend, or whether you can help in temporal or spiritual matters. More
Let no one decide that he will be utterly careless and rest upon God, making no effort, no exertion, not even resorting to prayer. Prayer is trust in God. More
All is well because of the peace of the cross, the peace of God, the peace of conscience, Christian peace, is the work of God that gives eternal calm. More
Christ is the Sun, the source of the spiritual day, from whom the gospel brightness shines throughout the world through the apostles' preaching. More
The gospel has not the least in common with the self-righteous. They want to become rich in works, but the gospel wills that they are to become poor. More
It is not enough to put off the works of darkness; one must put on the armor of light. Without the light of faith, even works we think good are not. More
Until the heart believes in God, it is not possible to rejoice in him. But for the believer, both rejoicing and peace are possible. More
God's Word-angel made manifest the sin and religion that would hinder the coming grace of his Christ, the Messiah, the long-awaited one. More
Our lives, like John the Baptist's life and ministry, should direct our family, friends, and neighbors to Christ and his gospel. More
Jesus is the only one who can remove your sins, and make you right with the Father. Behold, the Lamb of God who has taken away the sin of the world. More
The great joy of this day is that your Father has given the gift of his Son, along with the gifts of his Spirit and eternal life ... to you. His gift is for you. More
Jesus took on our nature so that, through faith in him, we may be given his nature, and be made right to be with him in eternity. More
We are not so pious as we imagine ourselves to be. Take care of your self-regard and pious pride, for the gospel grows in the pasture of confession. More
Do we believe the Word of God because of the revelation or because of its messenger, because it is God's Word or because of the preacher? More
God will repay the wicked for their persecution of Christians, and he will reward Christians, though not for the reasons many think. More
What was in the beginning — even before the beginning — and where did it all come from is the subject of John's and Luther's writings today. More
We may go about living our lives with good, Christian courage, knowing that we belong to the Lord. He has prepared us for both life and death. More

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