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Noah is called “just” because he first believed, then “perfect” (“upright”) because he walked in the fear of God and conscientiously avoided sins. More
The religious people were enemies of Christ because of the people Jesus called his friends: sinners who wanted to follow him. More
When one senses his wretchedness, then is the time to believe in Jesus Christ. There are no other means to save you, save be baptized and believe. More
"Christians have regard for God’s Word and believe that God cares for them. They commend all things to him and at his word go on with courage." More
"Reason argues: You have sinned, you must also atone for your sin. The gospel of Christ says: You have sinned, another must atone for you." More
We are in the golden age because we have the light of God’s Word and the sacraments are rightly administered in our churches. More
The service of righteousness in Christ has the double blessing of a clear conscience before God and the rich and incorruptible reward of eternal life. More
Faith is not an inactive and lifeless thing. When there is faith in the heart, its power will be manifested toward God and one's neighbor. More
It is by the power of the resurrection of Christ that Thomas, and us, who are so deep and obdurate in unbelief, are so suddenly changed. More
The most religious person will be lost and condemned if he will not believe. For there is no forgiveness of sins, nor salvation, if one does not believe. More
We make excuses, preferring many things against the gospel, for we are no better than were the ancient Jews, who also rejected the gospel for the law. More
Wherever the Word of God has a foothold, there the devil will be. He will always build his taverns and kitchens by the side of God’s house. More
Jesus sends every Christian to instruct and teach his neighbor, that he may also come to Christ, a power not reserved for popes, bishops, and pastors. More
"Poverty and suffering make no one acceptable to God; but if he is already acceptable to God, his poverty and suffering are precious in God’s eyes." More
This old man must be crucified, executed, put out of the way, even here in this life. Were he remains in his strength, faith and spirit cannot be. More
If you wish to proceed wisely and truly apprehend God, you can do no better than to be interested in his Word where he has revealed himself. More
The preaching of Christ feeds his guests through holy baptism, comforting and strengthening them through the Sacrament of his body and blood. More
Through baptism, Christ dedicates us to himself — he decides for us, elects us — and imparts to us the power of his death and resurrection. More
Before man may receive righteousness and eternal life, there must come One who has eternal righteousness and life, who appeases God’s wrath. More
We must abandon the life of the flesh and enter into new life, dead to the old. There must be a real change and an overthrow of nature and feeling. More
Knowing that you all embrace the one true God's Word, hold together in one faith and one mind, not disagreeing as though you had many gods. More
"In these words the soul finds a well prepared table, at which it satisfies all hunger; for it knows of a certainty that he who speaks cannot lie." More
Sin is not forgiven so that we may sin all the more, taking God's grace for granted and taking advantage, but so that conscience is free to love God. More
"Faith, if it is true faith, is of such a nature that it does not rely upon itself, but holds to Christ, and takes refuge under his righteousness." More
The preaching of the law shows us that our entire lives and characters, however holy and beautiful they may seem, are nothing before God. More
All people are in ancient Cain's very same condition, for unless our nature is helped by the Spirit of God, it cannot maintain itself. More
Because God has so richly shed upon us the gospel of light, we ought in honor and gratitude to him try to reform and temper ourselves. More
The two powers, God’s and Caesar’s, or spiritual and temporal kingdoms, must be kept apart, Christians especially rendering to each the honor due. More
Christ Jesus was buried that he might, through forgiveness, cover up, mortify, and destroy our sin, whether actually committed or inherent in us. More
God provides strong medicine to cure the sinful condition but this gives no license to make oneself ill so that more medicine may be received. More
You are blessed if your have heard and seen with your heart the Lord Jesus Christ, for there are those who have heard and seen without perception. More

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