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We are left to believe the Word, the word of Christ, and his works that follow after us. not in our own works, but by faith in the word of the cross. More
The Christian life is not a matter of outward appearance but of living by the Word and through faith in and under the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord. More
The church is sent into the whole world to proclaim the good news that people are saved from their sins, not by their deeds, but by Christ alone. More
God demands admission or confession of sin, and that people everywhere repent of their sins, turning away from self to God through his Savior. More
When anxiety, distress, or other trials come your way, hold fast to the Word, keep the faith, you will see Christ clearly there, and he will again bring you joy. More
We confess that if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. More
The old saying that confession is good for the soul is not sufficiently correct; it is the absolute forgiveness of sins that is good for the souls of sinners. More
One finds in Jesus strength and comfort against all vice and bad habits, as true Christians incorporate the life and name of Christ into their own lives. More
Do not try to work yourself up to a feeling of being forgiven and loved by God, but ask him for the faith to know Christ crucified, and the assurance of salvation. More
No one but Christ Jesus has suffered for the sins of others, yet his passion, his suffering and death, avail for the salvation of every sinner who believes on him. More
Whoever disregards the life of Christ on earth, wishing to find eternal life in some other way than he accomplished for us, fails to find salvation. More
In order to keep our focus on God, instead of on self, we are sometimes given a gift: an affliction of the flesh that makes us rely upon God. More
It is the sin of all who have ever lived — including you and me — that sent Christ Jesus to the cross to pay the ransom for of a whole world of sinners. More
Life is sometimes difficult, so we must hold firmly in faith to the word and promises of God in Jesus Christ found in the Scriptures, The Holy Bible. More
This is our hope — our only hope: Christ Jesus — that we might believe in him, and having such faith, come to see him on that great and glorious Day. More
Like children imitating their parents, we should imitate God, especially in doing good things for our neighbors so that the Father is glorified in us. More
We should fear, love, and trust in God above all things, trusting him through his Word, more than feelings, works, or even his good gifts. More
God will keep his promise that the seed of the woman will bruise the head of the serpent, establishing Seth in that line that would herald the Savior. More
We are to turn the other cheek, trusting in God above all things — even government, even ourselves — that he will avenge wrongdoing. More
Lack of faith is what drives us East of Eden, away from the presence of God, the communion of saints, the church, Christ's kingdom, and eternal life. More
God may show mercy even to the unjust so that they may have time to repent and know the full and certain assurance of his love and care. More
Nothing would thwart God's plan, not even Adam's and Eve's disobedience — our our own. He has promised a Savior, and delivered on his promise. More
Be careful how you respond to God when he confronts you with your sins, especially when it involves your neighbor, or family, your closest neighbors. More
God has no desire to forget us and so, those who love the Lord will live on in his memory and in another, blessed life so that we may remain in his love. More
Whatever day it is, the promise of the gospel abounds for you, making it the acceptable day for your salvation. Believe! and it will be a brand new day. More
The office of the ministry will always be disgraced by some, as Christ Jesus himself was dishonored, simply because his Word is proclaimed as truth. More
The preacher must not present an obstacle to the Word that results from his life, and especially from his doctrine, so they refuse to believe because of him. More
We are weak in the flesh, yes, but this is all the more reason to strive for purity and to live in holiness since Christ Jesus has made us holy. More
Jesus Christ is the "strong man" who uses his gospel word to overpower the dumb, deaf, blind, and demon-possessed, converting where he wills. More
There have been and will always be those who would take advantage of your liberty in Christ, insisting you must do this and that to be saved. More
One needs more than purification of the body in order to be at peace with God. The conscience must be cleansed by faith in the shed blood of Jesus. More

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